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Mr. Cao Cao

Lived in Era 34, got 1 heir(s) (Cao Cao) and was a member of Predators

Mr. Xiahou Dun
Lived in Era 27, got 1 heirs (Xiahou DE) and was a member of guardians of destiney

Entry 1- It was a beautiful July day when Xiahou Dun decided to build up an army and conquer the land to put an end to the chaos. His first task was finding a place to set up his colony.

Entry 2- Xiahou Dun had set up the great colony of Chi Bi just outside the outskirts of the native lands of Chulak. The colony quickly began to grow as peasants and soldiers began to flock to Chi Bi. The entire colony was in a hurry to build their army and fortify themselves for when they were no longer protected by the heavens.

Entry 3- The poeple of Chi Bi have begun to grow restless as two armies have begun to form just a short distance away from the town. They were both of the Phantom kingdom and were far too established for the new and inexperienced Xiahou Dun to take on. Tensions will continue to rise as Chi Bi quickly builds itself a standing army.

Entry 4- Things are starting to look very bad for Xiahou Dun and Chi Bi. A new army has just arrived and is waiting just outside the gates of Chi Bi. Xiahou Dun has extended an arm of friendship to a nearby pirate king and they will attempt to form a kingdom as soon as possible. In the meantime, Xiahou Dun is in grave danger of losing the lands granted to him by the heavens.

Entry 5- Things have begun to take a turn for the worse for Xiahou Dun, his sworn brother was quickly destroyed by greater powers when his protection from heaven was gone. Chi Bi now finds itself surrounded with no allies at all. Xiahou Dun builds his army as quickly as posible to prepare for the battle that is to come.

Entry 6- Xiahou Dun has lost, his army being quicly swept aside by the cruel lord Stasis and Xiahou Dun's life was ended. However Xiahou Dun's son, the great Xiahou De has survived and swears to carry on his father ambitions. Xiahou Dun may have lost this battle but the Luna kingdom has created an enemy for themselves they wont soon forget.Mr. Xiahou DE
Lived in Era 27, got 1 heirs (Xiahou Yuan) and was a member of guardians of destiney

Entry 1- With Xiahou Dun's untimely passing, his adopted son Xiahou De, true son of Xiahou Yuan was forced to take command of his own army. Xiahou De decided it was time to realize his father's ambitions and take revenge on the coward lord Stasis

Entry 2- Xiahou De has established his own colony at the castle at He Fei. It will be a heavily guarded fortification, completely impenetrable from the enemy. It is from this castle that Xiahou De will begin his path to conquest.

Entry 3- Xiahou De has realized that he has made a crucial error in the placement of He Fei. Had Xiahou De placed his colony near the river such as Xiahou Dun had done with Chi Bi then his colony's resources would be greatly increased. This costly mistake will push back his preparations to build an army to conquer the land.

Entry 4- Nothing has been happening in He Fei the last few days. The kingdom is still under protection from the heavens and the army continues to grow. A severe lack of wood has been hindering the production of buildings in the city as they begin to build as many lumbermills as they can. Xiahou De must now play the waiting game.

Entry 5- Xiahou De will be leaving his city for a short while, he must take on an important quest to further perfect his skills. He Fei will be left unattended for a few days while Xiahou De is away, and he hopes greatly that it stays protected.

Entry 6- Xiahou De has returned from his quest to find that his city has prospered greatly during his absence. The colony's economy, food, and tree production have taken off at an astounding rate. The stone production has been lagging slightly but the massive income is helping greatly to support it.

Entry 7- Xiahou De has begun to meet the same fate as his father. The heavens have betrayed him as a large army has begun to attack He Fei. Xiahou De will not make the same mistake as his father and he will flee the city with all his men to a nearby temple once controlled by the Yellow Turbans. There he will prepare for more hardships.

Entry 8- It is over for Xiahou De. The great empire has destroyed him and his army before they could reach the Yellow Turban base. Xiahou De was slain in battle, and now his son Xiahou Yuan will take over the family quest for power.Mr. Xiahou Yuan
Lived in Era 27, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of guardians of destiney

xMr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 28, got 1 heirs (Cao) and was a member of guardians of destiney

Entry 1- A new era has begun, and Cao Cao was the 1st to enter the chaos. The land is deserted, and Cao Cao's army quickly marches to a prime location to begin building his forces.

Entry 2 - Cao Cao has just returned from an expedition to the north to scout out loyal officers for his kingdom. The effort was not fruitless and Cao Cao was able to recruit one new member for his army, growing one step closer to realizing his ambitions.

Entry 3 - Tensions are running high in the land as the kingdoms are building up their armies and preparing for a great war. cao Cao himself is part of the action as he builds up his own forces and takes up a defensive position.

Entry 4 - No moves have been made yet by Cao Cao's alliance but the time to chose side has arrived. Will Cao Cao side with his one time sworn enemy or will he uphold his previous alliance with his newfound allies. The time to decide has arrived.

Entry 5 - Cao Cao marches off to war! Cao Cao's two army divisions, one led by Cao Cao himself from Chang Ban, the other led by Cao Pi from He Fei Castle. The armies will meet just north of the sky temple then march off to fight. The chaos has begun!

Entry 6 - Victory! Cao Cao's Fei Castle defense force led by his son Cao Pi successfully captured the enemy's lumbermills and armories. Cao Cao will recruit more men from the slaves he freed and ride this momentum to glory! The time of the Han is no more, long live Cao Cao!

Entry 7 - Cao Cao quickly lost lumbermill when Cao Pi was defeated by a much larger force, but somehow he managed to escape with his life. Now Cao Cao is rebuilding his forces and is preparing to reclaim what is rightfully bestowed upon him by the heavens.

Entry 8 - Cao Cao marches off to war again! This time Cao Cao has amassed a much larger army and has placed it under the command of his cousin and worthy officer Xihaou Dun. His army will begin a campaign to the north.

Entry 9 - Things look very bad for Cao Cao and his kingdom. His allies are being overrun by the enemy as they suround him on three sides. This may spell the end for Cao Cao's ambitions.

Entry 10 - It's starting to look like the end for Cao Cao. He has lost Cheng Ban in a crushing defeat and all his peasants have fled to Fei Castle. Cao Cao desprately fought off two invading armies as he struggles to fortify his position in the castle. Cao Cao fully intends to make his final stand here at Fei Castle. Will his ambition be enough to hold off the enemy!?

Entry 11 - Cao Cao has died in the battle at Fei Castle, and has failed in his attempt to take over the land. His son Cao Pi has survived however and plans on raising an army of his own to take into battle against the enemy. Cao Cao's ambition will live on!

Entry 12 - Cao Pi has yet to begin his quest for the land as his strategist Sima Yi plans out the opportune location to begin his conquest. Shall it be in the Fantasia region or shall it be in the Mantrax region where Cao Pi will begin his struggle for the land. Only time will tell as Cao Pi maps out his first, and most crucial move.

Entry 13 - Cao Pi will be beginning his quest within the next few days, as he is still scouting out for the opportune reigon to go to.Mr. Cao
Lived in Era 28, got 1 heirs (Sima) and was a member of guardians of destiney

xMr. Sima
Lived in Era 28, got 1 heirs (Sima Zhao) and was a member of guardians of destiney

Entry 1 - Cao Pi has dies of suddnen illness, and his craftfy strategist Sima Yi appointed himself Prime Minister and eventually emperor of the Wei kingdom. Sima Yi intends to use his new land in the kingdom of Mantrax to set up his own kingdom that will last for many years to come.

Entry 2 - Things are already looking bleak for Sima Yi, as his city is already being surrounded by a large foe and he has no time to build up a force to protect it. It may be an early end to Sima Yi, unless he can somehow convince his enemies to join him in his path to glory.

Entry 3 - Time is running short for Sima Yi before his enemies will be able to attack his city of Nan Zhong, and so far he has been unable to convince them to join him. Perhaps it is time he should consider fleeing. What does te future hold for Sima Yi? Only time will tell. Mr. Sima Zhao
Lived in Era 28, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of guardians of destiney

Entry 1 - Sima Yi died of a sudden illness, and his son Sima Zhao was taken up to refuge in the city of a powerful ally that he knows nothing about. Sima Zhao will talk to this ally, and hopefully he will be able to exact revenge on the evil lord Trendkill by enlisting the aid of new friends.

Entry 2 - Sima Zhao has set up a small colony in the Jing reigon, it will not grow to large but will be a supporting base for future expansion for Sima Zhao.Mr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 28, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of guardians of destiney

Entry 1 - Cao Cao has returned, I resarted my game and allowed Cao cao to come back, stronger and wiser than ever. Hopefull he will fare better than last time.Mr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 28, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of Cease To Exist

xMr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 29, got 1 heirs (Xiahou Dun) and was a member of Cease To Exist

xMr. Xiahou Dun
Lived in Era 29, got 1 heirs (Xiahou Dun) and was a member of Safty In neighbors

xMr. Xiahou Dun
Lived in Era 30, got 1 heirs (Xiahou Dun) and was a member of Safty In neighbors

xMr. Xiahou Dun
Lived in Era 30, got 1 heirs (Xiahou Dun) and was a member of Safty In neighbors

xMr. Xiahou Dun
Lived in Era 30, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of Safty In neighbors

xMr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 30, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of Cease To Exist

xMr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 31, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of Cease To Exist

xMr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 32, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of Cease To Exist

xMr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 32, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of Cease To Exist

xMr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 32, got 1 heirs (Cao Cao) and was a member of Cease

xMr. Cao Cao
Lived in Era 33, got 1 heirs (Xiahou Dun) and was a member of Cease

Entry 1- Cao Cao has once again returned to the land of Mantrax. He looks around at his strong officers, and sees many new faces mixed in with his familiar friends. The heavens have placed Cao Cao on this land with a destiny, a destiny to conquer!!!

Entry 2 - One clear sunny May morning Cao Cao rises from his chamber in the mighty Tong Castle. "Its time for me to survey the land" he says. Cao Cao jumps atop his mighy horse Red Hare and sets out on the land. It isnt long until Cao comes upon a troublesome sight. He sees a familiar yellow banner waving off in the distance. "Angels" Cao scowls. The ambitious Trendkill was an old enemy of Cao Cao; the two fought many years ago when Cao was an officer in Thunder Guardian's army. But times have changed, Cao Cao is now a master diplomat. How will negociacions turn out? Only time will tell...

Entry 3 - After a day of intense dipomacy, Cao and Trendkill have forged an alliance. They have decided to put their old differences behind them and create a war alliance in light of a new, more powerful threat in the east. The mighty "fighters of freedom" lead by an infamous demon were massing huge forces just outside Cao's borders. This Demon, known only as the "One" had already defeated Cao Cao once before, and Cao knew it was time for revenge. However, Angels would not be able to help the mighty Cease empire in this fight due to enemies of their own. Cao needed a new ally, and fast...

Entry 4 - "My loyal viceroys, what shall we do?" asks Cao Cao, sitting at the head of the Cease council war chamber. A great warrior, draped in the royal Cease colors of blue and white stands up:
"My leige, I have an idea" the loyal Skyer says. "Why dont we ask THEM for help?" He pointed towards the middle of the map.
" Hmm, that may be the best course of action" Cao replies. "I will personally go to the almighty guardians of the elements and ask for their aid." So Cao once again jumps atop his mighty Red Hare and rides off to the kingdom of the Elements...

Entry 5 - Two days later Cao Cao returns from the kingdom of the Elements bearing good news. "I have held council with the guardian of Air and we have decided that the Freedom Fighters must be defeated." Murmurs of agreement travel through Cao's people, as they too look foward to getting revenge on the men whi burned their cities and killed their families. The drums sound as the men prepare for war. Cao Cao grabs his sword and armor and rides to the front of his officers. The men let out an awesome war cry and they march off to battle. So the great Cease-Elements alliance has been formed, and war is about to begin!!!

Entry 6 - With the elements on their sides, Cease has let out a swift and crippling blow. The first men to leave the protection of the heavens were Lady Laura and Cao Cao himself. Pouncing on the cities, Cao and Laura lead their men into the heart of battle and begin taking the cities of the freedom fighters. Cao Cao quickly slays the Lord of Science while Lady Laura bests her female foe Lady Galadriel. As the two march on the rest of the Freedom army begins to bear down on them. Who will win this contest of ambition? The future battles are about to unfold...

Entry 7 - More men have been drawn into the war. In the Cease kingdom the armies of the quiet Spook and the loyal Skyer have arrived on the scene. The powerful Capone would be soon to follow. These men go head to head with the vicious Rockin, Rebustion, and Lady Nemesis. Waves of men are thrown against each other as the two sides fight bitterly for the mountain cities. In the end the joint efforts of Skyer and Capone prove to be too much for the Freedom officers, and the enemy crumbles. The loyal men of Cease begin to quickly wipe up the remaining cities and solidify Cease's power in the area. The battle has been won, for now...

Entry 8 - The Demon and his Freedom Fighters have been given a gift from the Heavens. With their cities lost they have been reborn and placed once again under the protection of the heavens, allowing them to rebuild their strength. "I want you to hunt down and slaughter every last one of them!" Cao Cao ordered. "Let none survive!"
"Yes my leige" Replied Auron the reborn as he set out to find and destroy the remainders of the enemy.
But even now while the kingdom of Cease was focused on destroying the Demon's armies, a new challenge was rising in the west...

Entry 9 - Back in the Cease mainland the kingdom of Trendkill was being quickly taken out by a new ruler, the powerful Trogdor of the Roman council. Tensions would quickly begin to run high between Cao Cao and Sir Trogdor, while neither man trusted the other. Cao Cao was concerned by this powerful presence in the area. "I want all available men to be prepared to defend the cities" Cao demanded. "If the Romans attack, we must be ready!" As the defences were prepared, Cao Cao began holding secret meetings with the Roman council, hoping to avoid a costly conflict.

Entry 10 - Once again the situation has been altered. Tensions have eased between the Romans and the Cease kingdom, as the fall of the Demonic Freedom Fighters have left the two kingdoms with a common threat. The guardians of the elements, long-standing allies and friends of Cao Cao are now blocking his path to conquest. Cao Cao knows that he must conquer the elements in order to realize his ambitions, the only question is when and where he makes his stand. Luckily, Trogdor sees the elements to pose a similar threat to the Roman kingdom and turns towards Cease for assistance. Cao quickly seizes upon the opportunity and aligns himself with the Romans. All three kingdoms prepare for war. The deciding conflict is about to begin. The winner will surely rule the land; will it be Cao Cao and the kingdom of Cease, or Air and the other masters of the Elements?

Entry 11 - Deep within the land of the elements, Cao Cao rides up to a large palace painted entirely white. In front of the gate are two guards bearing no armor but a vest that appears to be made of pure air. "It is I, Lord Cao Cao. I must speak to the guardian of the Air immediately. Is he here?"
"Aye, he is here Master Cao Cao" the guard says. "Wait here one moment"
"I will not wait!" Cao growls as he pushes the guard aside and walks into the palace. Cao quickly marches into the main chamer where he finds the master of Air waiting for him.
"I was expecting you" Air says. "I heard you coming from the wind. You obviously do not come bearing good news, what is it that you want?"
"My old friend." Cao says. "We have fought side-by-side in many great battles, against many powerful foes. But now it is time for us to fight; you are in the way of my path to conquest, and not even you can stop my ambition!"
"Very well Master Cao Cao. If it is war you want, then it is war you will get! And I guarantee you that victory shall be ours!"
Having said what he needed to say, Cao leaves the palace, jumps atop Red Hare and rides back to his kingdom. He rides into the palace like a whirlwind and immediately begins to bark orders. "Ready the catapults! Unleash the bezerkers! Call upon the nazzies! The men prepare for war, it will be Cease and The Roman Council against the masters of the Elements! The battle of the century is about to begin...

Entry 12 - The war is not beginning well for the allies. The large offensive launched by the Romans was unable to break the front line of the enemy. With the armies defeated, the elemental masters quickly launch an offensive of their own. With the Roman armies weakened and on the retreat, it is time for Cao Cao to lead the Cease armies into battle against the advancing enemy. The opponent is vast and powerful, and clearly has the upper hand, but this does nothing to weaken Cao Cao's will or resovle. Cease will be victorious at all costs, the world must be conquered!

Entry 13 - The first fay of battle has been fierce, but has shown no victory for either side. The first conflicts had no major effecy, as neither side was able to push the front line. The opening battle was between Lady Laura and the master of Sound. Laura delivered a crushing blow and halted the first offensive. The magic has been bestowed unto the Elements, and the Cease counter-offensive is quickly put to a halt. "We must enlist the aid of the shaman of Death" Cao says. "Messenger, go find Lord Primate Death, and tell him we need his magic fast!" As the messenger rides away, the Cease war council plans its next move.

Entry 14 - "Fall back men, fall back to your cities!" The orders scream from all directions. The Cease offensive failed just as the Elements one did, and Cao Cao and his men are forced back onto the defensive. Following the advice of his strategist Sima Yi, the war council decides the best course of action is to defeat the armies on Cease territory. As the armies march closer the messenger Cao has sent to the shaman returns. "My leige, Lord Death is still under the protection of the heavens, and he cannot aid us.
"Damn!" Said Cao. "I suppose we must overwhelm them with brute force! Master Sima Yi, ready the castle defences. These gates cannot fall!"
So now the Cease armies sit and wait, the upcoming battles will surely break the stalemate in somebody's favor...

Entry 15 - It is now three days into the great war, and the elements are beginning to prove too powerful for the Cease armies. The stalemate has been broken, as the mighty master of the air has thrown tempests upon Cao's armies. Lady Laura and the Capone the powerful have taken up the rear guard allowing for the remaining armies to fall back into the Cease mainland. Although they have been weakened, the alliance is far from crumbling. As the Cease armies begin to fall back they see new armies coming in from the distance. Lord Trogdor and his men have rebuilt their forces and are launching another offensive! The massive hordes of advnturers ride out to meet the tempests, and a new stage of the battle has begun...

Entry 16 - The Romans have once again succumbed to the overwhelming force of the elements onslaught, and have been forced to retreat. The armies of the enemy begin to march into the heart of Cao Cao's territory. "Stand strong men!" He yells atop the balcony of Cease castle. "This is our home, these are our lands! We must all fight, the fire of ambition will not burn out!"
The men are empowered as they fortify the cities, arm every last man, and prepare to die protecting the land they love...

Entry 17 - Over 7 days have passed since the beginning of the great war. The Romans have been surrounded and backed into a corner; while the armies of Cease are slowly being depleted. Mr. Xiahou Dun
Lived in Era 33, got 1 heirs (Xiahou Dun) and was a member of Predators

xDuke Xiahou Dun
Lived in Era 34. Member of Predators

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