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Drunkoldman's guide!
06:59:14 Jun 11th 08 - Mr. Drunkoldman:

my first guide, tell me what you think!

Drunkoldmanís short beginnerís guide

(to be built on by your own techniques/practices)

(NOT a ďproĒ guide)

(mainly for beginning of the era)

All races: settle your first city around 14k size, near a tall mountain. This will give you your bonus more quickly than settling near those sections of mountain where the peaks are smaller. transfer your peasants, and put 49 out of your 50 lifeguards into your city so you can move faster.

Non-Dwarf: Divide the total # of buildings you can build by 6, and that will be the # of homes you ever need. You need to remember this, as you will build in a 1:3 and then 1:4 ratio of homes to mines until you reach that # to increase peasant growth.

For dwarf, Iím not exactly sure but I think you divide by 5 so you have extra room for cavemasters, and you finish building in a 1:4 ratio.

Send out 4-5 scouts near the mountains around you/likely places for enemy cities to be/bridges/choke points to find out where your enemies are.

Settle your second city as soon as possible, try to make it either near food and a mountain, or near trees and mountain. The following is something from my experience I have found to be very useful: and that is a slight rainbow. If you can settle your first/second city as close to tree/food as you are to the mountains, it can be extremely useful to build some of those resource buildings so that you are not dependant on the market early on, and if you keep it up, never. Mainly concentrate on your mines, but throwing in some farms (remember, only if youíre also near that resource) can be extremely useful.

Try to build your armory an equal distance from your first 2 cities, I like to keep mine compact but not so close an enemy army could bt to take them both in the same turn. I highly encourage building max walls as soon as possible in all your cities, but keep the gates open so people canít see where you are.

I like to build my armory for lvl 2 immediately, never for lvl 1 as troop upkeep is extremely detrimental to your game. Also, switch to lvl 3 units early on is very useful as your traveling times are cut back and you are taking out hardly any upkeep out of your essential early income.

You should begin training very quickly if you are near some enemies, putting all your income to training large amounts of troops and taking over enemy cities boosts your income a LOT more than building all the buildings yourself.

Train magic units early as well, if you are on a lower world this allows you to get EitS extremely fast on almost any army or city since people donít usually get good magic for a little bit.

For the middle of the era, train all lvl 3ís (unless youíre orc or elf with magic 8), train magic units in at least a 1to1 ratio, keep adding to your cities, and TRAIN!

As far as sciences, I like to get mining 3-4 right almost right when I start. I get mining 7-8, then magic at LEAST 4, military at least 7, and from there whatever. Thatís just what I do right now though Iím probably wrong on this point and someone hopefully will correct me here with a post.

Always remember to vote, try to vote at the same time each day so you can get as many as possible. You could lose around 10 turns (rough estimate) just because you forget to vote and end up voting 6 hours after you did the day before.


Scout merging:

When you take over an enemy city, cast happiness on it until the morale reaches 100, then create a scout. If an enemy city is near, and you canít reach it in one turn, you can send that scout there and then merge your army in to minimize traveling time.


If you take over enemy city/cities, but canít hold them, DESTROY THE BUILDINGS. Not only does this tick off your enemies psychologically, but it really hurts their production. If you take over an armory and have ample gold, sometimes I will leave enough men to defend it and then use that as a forward armory. To do this effectively you can send armed scouts after your main armies with peasants for this purpose. Just pray they donít get RoFed.

City fix-up miniguide:

Firstly, either cast happiness or build some taverns to get morale to 100. I personally never build more than 100-200 taverns. Destroy all useless buildings immediately, save only those you will need. For example, you take over a rainbow, near a mountain, that has 500 homes, 1000 mines, 400 farms, and 600 lumbercamps. Oh, and add what happened to me the other day, 13 magic towers, 10 guard towers, 25 warehouses, and 43 armoriesÖÖÖ I mean, what the fudge???? Get rid of everything except those homes and mines, see how many buildings you can make in the city total, and build! In this case I would start building, say 500 homes and 1000 mines. I might then add another 500 homes and 1000 mines, then switch over and build 3000 mines the next turn. Make sure you donít build too many homes though divide by 6!

Thatís all for now, I might add to this later. Enjoy!

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