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Guidawrita Era 1 New World
12:48:53 Jun 19th 19 - Mr. Davy Jons Daa Kinky Homoflagot:

Is it for newer & lower xp players only? Ohhh i love it! <3

Please ZeTa, let us play it. And CLOSE it permanently for high XP players ;)

The worlds

New player worlds (with 50% protection)
6* ValhallaOpenT-76hkarta357
Special worlds (Different game mechanics)

* = The world you are on

12:55:52 Jun 19th 19 - Mr. Davy Jons Daa Kinky Homoflagot:

Like close it for players who's XP is +30k or +20k; although i prefer +30k XP Cap. Guides are exceptions of course.

14:30:41 Jun 19th 19 - Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto:


There are no worlds open. Please wait until a new world opens.

You can only have one character in each world. And you can not join worlds where your experience is too high.

14:46:03 Jun 19th 19 - Mr. Davy Jons Daa Kinky Homoflagot:

Yeah its not Opened yet. ZeTa is still testing it i assume.

15:03:50 Jun 19th 19 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

It's a world created for Ajax, for his quest to write a better Guide.

You may join this noble mission, but it's best if you talk to him first.

19:20:40 Jun 19th 19 - Arkantos (Duke Ajax):

I am actually looking for roughly 2-3 people that can help with testing some things for the new guide.

Must follow instructions to a fraction or a decimal,
Must be over-communicative,
Must be fairly active,
Sponsor package is a plus.

Send me a message in game if you are interested and I will fill you in on the details.

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