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Legacy's cowardly jump tactics
15:01:29 Mar 4th 08 - Mr. Rtas Vadumee:

15:11:26 Mar 4th 08 - Mr. Spermstorm:

Cry me a river, nub.


Your whining might actually mean something if the other entrance was blocked.  But it isn't. Oh well.

15:15:33 Mar 4th 08 - Mr. Omc The Zeonic Crusader:

everyone use this rtas, even we do :/

17:47:19 Mar 4th 08 - Mr. Justanius The Revengful:

ahh so childish ...legacy was made!!!as a guy hopped a river!!

18:39:29 Mar 4th 08 - Mr. Rtas Vadumee:

ohh?  Sorry. 

I drank too many energy drinks last night, and forgot it was 2008. Please excuse my mysterious flatulation of hooman.

19:30:08 Mar 4th 08 - Mr. Dreadlord:

yes its true i tell ya.

Its as old as the story of mozes. where a women who cant hop a river puts her child into a bastket so it can hop the river, And later that childs Leads LGC into the promised lands

21:59:53 Mar 4th 08 - Mr. Dolfyn:

oh oh .. I know that one!
but that river is blue .. not red! it wasn`t about a sea somewhere there?!

01:20:00 Mar 5th 08 - Mr. Digger:

zeon aren't dead yet? wtf

05:00:40 Mar 5th 08 - Daimyo Chuck Norris: very lame as I think river hopping great walls makes it....almost bearable. Since it's almost pointless, as very few places can even really be blocked or inacessible.

06:04:44 Mar 5th 08 - Sir Soccerrogue:

i thought it was impossible to river hop.............zeta scripted it last era. sry lgc, u guys have to be honorable now! :(

06:58:18 Mar 5th 08 - Sir Architect:

That screen doesn't even show them river jumping.  It shows them moving 2 armies towards a river...  nothing more.  For all we know that Division could be heading for an invisible with and that smaller army is gonna try and kill that scout.  That pic really shows nothing...

07:53:16 Mar 5th 08 - Sir Drunken:

Invis town near the river? I think that lgc division have a company of bridge building engineers :)

13:19:04 Mar 5th 08 - Duke Altron:

they must be planning to merge into your scout

13:58:44 Mar 5th 08 - Mr. Dolfyn:

Lgc is secretly building the FIRST bridge in VU! All hail Lgc!

14:00:58 Mar 5th 08 - Ms. Geneva:

Not the magical bridge building faeries again...

21:37:26 Mar 5th 08 - Mr. Justanius The Revengful:

...erm the bridgeis funded by the mafia which created lgc (which is lgc itself and don roxbury)

22:50:07 Mar 5th 08 - Sir Frederick:

Why dont i see any armies actually merging across or both being near the river at all. This pic just shows to armies that just move towards a river.

23:19:30 Mar 5th 08 - Lord Abydonian Napbreaking Scum:

Doesn't matter. Leagaecy = freaking cheaters anyway :)

00:28:48 Mar 6th 08 - Mr. Spermstorm:

And Weirdmongrel = Spineless coward anyway

06:49:52 Mar 6th 08 - Ms. Geneva:


07:31:45 Mar 6th 08 - Mr. Ken:

LMAO! Nice.

09:14:01 Mar 6th 08 - Lord Abydonian Napbreaking Scum:

So you flame me on this thread as soon as I post. But you don't say anything regard the Kicking/Feeding of Cobra, right?

And I am the coward? Have you no shame or dignity? Hehe, I simply own you guys.

09:21:06 Mar 6th 08 - Sir Architect:

I can attest to them not feeding on Cobra.  He has 4 cities sitting in the middle of a smaller core they have near our area that they have not touched, nor are they moving towards them.  And you have no idea why he left, so you're really just off on all accounts.

09:56:43 Mar 6th 08 - Lord Abydonian Napbreaking Scum:

Let's assume they are clean. Give me a reason for why they haven't flamed me back then.

11:16:55 Mar 6th 08 - Mr. Dalak The Licker of Clams:

They cant fight their true feelings of love for you?

11:34:03 Mar 6th 08 - Mr. Digger:

Lord Abydonian Napbreaking Scum


3/6/2008 5:56:43 PM

Let's assume they are clean. Give me a reason for why they haven't flamed me back then.

Because you rate barely above maggot on the radar of most of our players. Until you achieve something in this game, instead of just talking *beep* on the forums, you are nothing.

12:33:34 Mar 6th 08 - Mr. White Widow:

"Ding Ding"

We have a winer

/me hands digger a big stuffed teddy bear.

12:40:44 Mar 6th 08 - Mr. Dalak The Licker of Clams:

OK so its not unrequited love...

20:22:21 Mar 6th 08 - Lord Abydonian Napbreaking Scum:

Dear Digger :)

You are funny :)

And a hypocrite like all of you there :)

Your arguments don't stand.

Get real.

20:30:17 Mar 6th 08 - General Ptang Bang Kipperbang:

I hate LGC they always egt away with everything dont they? Mehul should look into it

21:47:01 Mar 6th 08 - Mr. Spermstorm:

Weirdmongrel, go get some loyalty you glory-hunting kd-swapper.

22:40:56 Mar 6th 08 - Lord Abydonian Napbreaking Scum:

Hehe :) Swifteh... Don't you find it low of oneself to speak about things he does not have any knowledge of?

Nevermind that anyway... Can't go lower than playing for Legacy and talking crap daily.

00:02:27 Mar 7th 08 - Mr. Spermstorm:

I think I hit a nerve. Yes, as hard as it is to imagine this dirty rodent a human, he has feelings it seems.

Supposing cowardice was something to be proud of, then, maybe then I could sympathise with you Weirdmongrel. But fleeing PHI like you did to join Aby is a shameful act on your part, leaving your PHI friends to take a thorough beating (ok, poor choice of words. "Anhiliation" would be better) while you ran, tail tucked between your legs.

As I said.  You're nothing more than a spineless little glory-hunter.

00:06:44 Mar 7th 08 - General Ptang Bang Kipperbang:

wow i didnt know he was weirdgrivi... Osiris you hate this guy what are you doing? :S Revenge and now this guy too. Bit desperate for players or something?

00:31:51 Mar 7th 08 - Ms. Geneva:

Wierd was there when I joined... then Osi-posi accepted revenge... I think Oya should come back to Aby, I don't like what's happening to Osi-posi anymore. :(

00:34:41 Mar 7th 08 - Lady Quietone:

he's mine!

00:55:02 Mar 7th 08 - Mr. Slightlyhornieroldbastard:

Oya has better taste for KD's then that Geneva. I think he fancies our late night *beep*ness over Abydoss all-around *beep*ness :->

00:55:38 Mar 7th 08 - Mr. Slightlyhornieroldbastard:

Stupid word filter. Stitch my mouth up why don't ya? *rollseyes*

05:21:51 Mar 7th 08 - Lord Abydonian Napbreaking Scum:

Dear Swifty, did you just have a lobotomy performed? Are you allowing your 4 year old brother reply posts for you?

As stupid of me as it is to answer your accusations that make no sense maybe you should know that I did not leave PHI in bad times :) I did not fight for PHI during the last three eras -- if I'm not mistaken PHI gave you a nice good old beating in the very next era after I left them :)

Now go play with your little ghey, hairy (but still bald), sick friends out there (if you would happen to have any).


05:40:03 Mar 7th 08 - Ms. Geneva:

*stitches swify's mouth*

*picks swify's rolling eyes on the floor and puts it back*

There! better? =^.^=

23:01:52 Mar 10th 08 - Lord Abydonian Napbreaking Scum:

Bump. So people see Legacy's ignorance/arrogance/crap talk.

23:15:33 Mar 10th 08 - Ms. Geneva:

Oh... I stitched the wrong person. :(

15:27:28 Mar 28th 08 - Mr. Elliott:


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