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22:18:18 Nov 16th 18 - Phat (Grand Moff Phat):

We've been slacking at making era threads....

22:22:03 Nov 16th 18 - HorusPanic (Sir Panic):

You've been slacking at life

23:46:39 Nov 16th 18 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

You're not wrong. I've not done any thing at work for like a week...

18:33:10 Nov 17th 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Faithfull):

Then you have to find "something" to puzzle with. It doesn't have to be work.

Remember: Unemployment isn't the "root" to everything evil. Boredom is!!!


P.s.: I'm a civilservant on a state-pension - age 61. And I can assure you, I'll do my utmost to get pension as many years as possible (besides I have "paid" for this during a deduction in my salery compared to what others would have got in the same kind of job during all the years).

21:40:35 Nov 18th 18 - Ragnarson (Mr. Ragz):

McMax, your 61?? how do you even know how to operate a computer yet play games on one? Didnt think they had this technology back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. :P

06:35:16 Nov 19th 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Faithfull):

Ohhh, I was only in the 20' when I first tried using 'puters.

I remember something called a winchester-disk (and that had nothing to do with arms). Comal-80, Basic are also words from that time........

02:45:51 Nov 20th 18 - Phat (Grand Moff Tarkin):

Sooo. pretty quiet map, eh?

10:51:30 Dec 3rd 18 - One Punch Man:

Is this what Trump feels like?

11:11:13 Dec 3rd 18 - One Punch Man:

Yup I think this sums up my relations with Praetorians this era.

The mistake won't be repeated twice.

11:26:30 Dec 3rd 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Faithfull):

Regarding the first: Yes, I think FW gave Praet a mafia-offer they coun't refuse.

Leave or die......

As for your link - discussions on that belongs to it's own thread on another forum.

12:11:24 Dec 3rd 18 - Mr. Sam Braveheart:

One Punch, I've sent you plenty of messages and gave you more than one option. You ignored my messages. 

You also say relations as if we had any. Rather than trash talk in public, how's about replying to me next time? 

I said you're either with us or against us, you chose your fate, I didn't decide it for you.

14:39:44 Dec 3rd 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Faithfull):

So Sam said to himself: Well-well-well. What a good idea. I'll do that one on One Punch!

Ohhh well, guess you have to take the fun you can get before it's too late.

14:57:18 Dec 3rd 18 - One Punch Man:

You fled South

I chose not to kill you.

When FW came South, I warned you and defended against the army they sent instead of bothering to mention to them where you guys were

You grew in number

In exchange I got:

Mr. Sam Braveheart (11/24/2018 8:22:48 PM)GOODBAD

I'd like to encourage you to join our kingdom. We have a great threat out there in Forgotten Warriors and RoC. Both are close by and I think we're both at risk from them. We're in the process of rebuilding after unfortunately just being pipped by Forgotten Warriors early era, but we're going to come back swinging. I know I'd take all the hands I can get in facing them. What'd you say? 


Which led to

Mr. Sam Braveheart (12/2/2018 2:24:28 AM)GOODBAD
Hey One Punch,

I'd like to offer you to join again, we could really use you on our team. I'd like for us to push up to Forgotten Warriors in the near future, I'd rather you be on our side than not! 


Which led to

Mr. Sam Braveheart (12/2/2018 5:13:46 PM)GOODBAD
Punch Man,

I'm going to give you a heads up and make one final appeal to you. I want you to join, but if you don't we're going to have to attack.

I made an executive decision to go no relations this era, that coupled with the fact we're the protectors of no one means you're either with us or you're not. If I don't hear from you within the next 18 hours, we'll look to move out on you.

I hope you'll decide to be with us rather than against us.

Many thanks,


Mr. Ragz (12/3/2018 7:53:02 AM)GOODBAD
Hey buddy! why not join us for this age? if you dont like it, can always go back. This age's script thus far is pointing us in a direction we dont like to take, but have no choice this age. We never take any enjoyment taking out any smaller KD... 

Most of us use Discord and have kinda become family in a way, would love to add another :D Tho, i do understand if your personal code is lone wolf, and if you do decide to keep going lone wolf, i'll have nothing but love for you man. And an army of naz at the gates... :D

Mr. Ragz (12/3/2018 7:59:47 AM)GOODBAD
Just think about how we will be able to block you in (if you were on our team that is), and keep you protected so you could farm like a madman, 1:1 CM's to mines in each of your mining cities, 6 million + GC per tick... quietly and safely amassing the largest army on the map. :D

I felt bad for you guys and said I'd be cool with a NAP after the first time

Then you guys come back with a:

"It would be a shame if you didn't join us"

Who the fuck do you think you are to think I'm going to bother negotiating to that?

17:23:46 Dec 3rd 18 - Mr. Ancient Basio:

One Punch Man:

...You fled South. I chose not to kill you...

Mate you should had killed 'em all. No mercy is good strategy these days, instead of getting steamrolled & betrayed.

17:39:53 Dec 3rd 18 - Sir Winter Time:

If you need FW to come south and take care of the pest problem, you should have said something earlier :-P

17:58:57 Dec 3rd 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Faithfull):

Ohhh. Well-well-well. Then I promise to "protect" FW against the wildlings.....

Of course I might have to station some troops in their cities - but what is that between friends????

22:16:23 Dec 3rd 18 - Ragnarson (Mr. Ragz):

One Punch Man:

After seeing your propaganda video, and how you chose to post on these forums instead of respond to our messages, I take back my invitation for you to join us. The key to starting a dynasty is to weed out cancers before they spread. You sir have answered my un-asked question as to why you play alone every age.

Besides... we all know that if you had the capability to take us out when we fled south, you would have. Good luck in the future. Sorry it had to come to this.

02:26:19 Dec 4th 18 - One Punch Man:

Who else do I talk to? You? No thanks.

You've already made your position clear.

I'm not squeamish enough to not call out BS when I see it. Being alone helps with that.

Nor am I idealistic enough to think I can win a fight against people who were already setting up the stage by making it look like they were trying to make blockers against FW.

My resources will not be used by your ilk this era.

As far as why I play alone

You (11/24/2018 8:37:39 PM)
I can agree to a NAP since you've had to rebuild and you're not near me.

But I've been disappointed far too many times by "kingdoms" to join another one.

If I die, at least I know me, myself, and I did everything in my KD's power to live.

21:46:24 Dec 5th 18 - Ragnarson (Mr. Ragz):

Perhaps it all worked out as it was ment to be.

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