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12:10:11 Aug 4th 19 - Mr. One More Chade:


12:30:02 Aug 4th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Venditor):

Could u guys pls stop wsting time! U stoopid vets shuld know bether then make us knobs wait, u r ruinink visjual utopija!!1!

I have som sugesstions thet will make visjual utopija great agian!1!!

If multi allow many more playur and big kd war possibl for gud era! 

- senk u for rieding 

12:31:10 Aug 4th 19 - Venomz (High Warlord Cashter):

Great idea ! 

12:32:59 Aug 4th 19 - Venomz (Mr. Fantizzle Mah Shizzl):

Yes I sink too great option, har har scurvey cptaij! Also Bling is my bst friend jajajaja I liek all he say 

- davy sjonnies

12:33:17 Aug 4th 19 - Schepp (Doctor Schepp of The Royal Order):

I loled 

12:51:13 Aug 4th 19 - Mr. Davy Jones Daa Witty Capn:

Ahhhhh good to know u still breathing Venz. 

After all it was a big nerf on halfers ;)

16:57:52 Aug 4th 19 - Mr. Bling:

shut up venomz you homoerectusanalinputus

22:32:27 Aug 19th 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Telamon):

Intense era lads :D 

Forgotten Warriors
Battles won: 0
Battles lost: 0

Battles won: 0
Battles lost: 0

Royal Order of Claidhmore

Battles won: 0
Battles lost: 0

19:56:50 Aug 20th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Dark Knight):

Boogity, boogity
There they goes
Boogity, boogity
And they ain't wearin' no clothes

Hello, everyone, this is your action news reporter
With all the news that is news
Across the nation
On the scene at the supermarket
There seems to have been some disturbance here
Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?
Yeah, I did
I's standin' over there by the tomaters
And here he come
Running through the pole beans
Through the fruits and vegetables
Nekkid as a jay bird
And I hollered over t' Ethel
I said, "Don't look, Ethel!"
But it's too late
She'd already been incensed.

Confused??? Sorry, I just saw a few Rivens, who tries to tries to find the warpath.

22:24:33 Aug 20th 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Demandred):

I let my pets fly for a bit to liven things up 

02:22:01 Aug 21st 19 - Endless (Lady Salmon of Doubt):

the only thing you did was make the game unbalanced and a snoozer, maybe next time get your jollies by casting them everywhere? my first era back and Iím remembering why itís been a year since I played 

09:42:51 Aug 21st 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Demandred):

I cast a few elsewhere.  Im curious though you don't consider none of the kds actually fighting after 2 weeks a snoozer?

09:54:17 Aug 21st 19 - Endless (Lady Salmon of Doubt):

Iíve seen  5 :p are there more?

well,  we fought OOP so rebuilding is always a snooze but trying to rebuild has been challenging with your pets around (they eat more then my cats lol) , perhaps if there were less itíd have been fun but thought you went a little excessive  

12:04:26 Aug 21st 19 - Mr. One More Chade:

As endless said - we've been fighting since OOP as our stats show

13:05:39 Aug 21st 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Demandred):

hey i cant control where the babies fly :D i cast them mostly to the north west of me <3 If 3 of the major kds were actually fighting i wouldnt cast but the map was boring ^^

13:55:21 Aug 21st 19 - Mr. One More Chade:

So the dragons only affected the only kd that was fighting... Nice one, Osi :) :)

14:49:49 Aug 21st 19 - Osiris (Dark Lord Telamon):

you just had bad luck :D Im not sure why most of them flew in the same direction when casted in different areas ^^

21:03:14 Aug 21st 19 - Duke Chade That Flew Somewhere:

seems they are attracted to me


21:36:27 Aug 21st 19 - Endless (Lady Salmon of Doubt):


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