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Mystical's story/Recruiting
01:30:16 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Mystery:

Alright everyone if you were on Nirvana this era than you should know that we had a great run but as everyone knows great things dont last for ever. We started out the era with like 4 members and slowly started growing and then went to war with the great kingdom of Soul Society this war was evenly matched through out the whole the whole thing. They would have their runs and we would have ours but after a while we made a nap with Fuzzy and we took down Soul Society. Shortly after that I went onto vacation and when I come back we have lost almost all of our land because of incompetent  members in the kingdom, and we had gone to war with heaven and Fuzzy. Well thats what happened lol. We are recruiting and accepting apps. for next era so we can once again rule over lands.

01:55:23 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Resistance:

I'm sure if everybody is active we will have a great run next era. Once that happens, I'm sure we can make it atop the rankings.

02:10:59 Aug 28th 08 - Duke Arzun:

I vouch for this Kingdom, they show great Leadership capabilities and good teamwork. Good luck next era guys.


06:59:42 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

shouldn't this be posted in the Ingame Politics?

07:17:45 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

Is that why no 1 put up a fight?

18:11:44 Aug 31st 08 - Mr. Pieguy:

Yeah all of your armies were lvl 1's lol.

18:24:43 Aug 31st 08 - Mr. Mystery:

lol at first they were all level one until we started using eye in the sky and saw that you had level ones also so we all started training level 2-5. ME personally started training Nazzie. But this era was very entertaining though. :P

18:32:46 Aug 31st 08 - Mr. Gallyon:

Mystery, You sure u don't just wanna join us next era??
atleast then u have a change of survival

18:41:14 Aug 31st 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Mr. Pieguy


8/31/2008 12:11:44 PM
Yeah all of your armies were lvl 1's lol.

Hehe, "your". Your the traitor to Soul Society who was in Mystical, use the word "we" next time.

With Mystery inactive, I cannot fault or flame him in this statement:

This era in Nirvana Mystical seemed to me as the most dishonorable kingdom on the map.... They mass recruited to start the era, using threats to steal members from other kingdoms and taking on anybody no matter what. 2 big names I can use are Pieguy and Mafia, both traitors to Soul Society. Luis Pocho proved also that Mystical had no control over its members on the forums by flaming nonstop without having even attacked us(When he did I quickly destroyed most of his armies myself with one army....). Then they attacked us to break the NAP(no complaints, I wanted war anyway). Novaborn, Coaltrain, and Arzu were the three exeptions I could finds as all fought honorably and have earned my respect this era. Just my opinion I guess, honestly....

With Mystery back in command I truly hope that this kingdom grows strong and learns from its mistakes. Best of luck in the new era.

01:38:56 Sep 3rd 08 - Mr. Yoshi:

Pieguy didnt betray us he was doing everything he could to stop you. He wanted to get back in the game and the only option was mystical. And fuzzy was the one that broke a nap with two kingdoms so i wouldnt be talking about Mysticals honor. Sure they were a little bit on the bad side but that happened because of Fuzzy. Fuzzy is the one that tore aziens and mysterys kingdoms apart. You made us war mystical cause they were the only ones we would attack and keep peace with fuzzy and then  only to betray us fuzzy attacks us and then takes the final kill (mystical) which fuzzy also naped with. To me some of guys are greedy and care about pride not honor but this doesnt apply to all of you.

07:23:05 Sep 3rd 08 - Mr. Opportunity:

The good thing is that its a game, so honor doesn't really matter lol

09:23:02 Sep 3rd 08 - Sir Stirlin:

well well well, here we go again. you guys broke the nap, direwolf casted spells on my scout which wasnt near core, aizen and rukia attacked our scouts, we constantly recieved abusive messages from you guys and then we here you guys are preparing to war us, we got fed up and declared war on you. and with mystical, mafia sieged our cities so we declared, the SS against GHOST war was your own fault, we never asked you to war them, we was more than capable of taking them, from what i remember it ws you begging us to come to your aid.

09:56:43 Sep 3rd 08 - Mr. Celiserai:

Is belgraim which world are you in?

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