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Stack'em up, il kill'em all :P
23:08:58 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

Mr. Lassie [ZEON] (10/9/2007 10:00:57 PM) GOOD BAD
NEMESIS WAR@11/10 21:00 GMT, Thats 22:00 CET (10 PM) the 11th octobre. They have killed legacy and the pact is over, prepare for a few days of hard and bitter battles with Nemesis.
You (10/9/2007 10:07:04 PM)
lol bring'em on! what one more war when we have to deal with traitors, interal disscontent and carnage aye!!?? haha :P




Lets be foooking hav'in ya then! lol

23:10:28 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Rock Hard Reginald:

War, with what, 3-4 days left of the round?

This is one of the most pathetic eras to date. A series of kingdoms, who, when ranked higher than all others, NAP each other and refuse to fight until the dying day? What a joke you make of this game. This is the kind of play I expect from nubs on mantrax, not Fantasia, the server reknowned for its intensity, it's warring and its grappling. You're plummeting the best server into a mass of mediocrity.

At least our memories can't be tainted of the older days, when kingdoms would pride themselves on their warring. Who would of thought it'd come to this. Pitiful.

23:17:35 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Asystole:

Alright flame the entire server. See what friends it gets you :).

23:21:05 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

It seems you need the Jester spirit. Only 1 Nap through 90% of the era...

23:23:04 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Rock Hard Reginald:

You need not look further than your own nose, Pinnochio. See what friends your "play" this round has earnt you. Lying on the forum at every opportunity about your intentions and your relations. Opening blockers to allow allies to attack allies. Planting multies in allied kingdoms. Exploring to no end. Fighting 1-2 kingdoms at most. Oh, I have nothing to fear. You're the one who should fear with what little friends you have left after this debacle, as after all, it's you that you've had to rely on this round in order to cover your slimey, spineless backs.

The flame isn't at the entire server. There are remnants of hope left on the server, there are a couple kingdoms out there who are still worth the recognition for their gallant attempts to do battle. But the mass-NAPing explorers, like yourself? No. You're a lost cause, and a disgrace to VU. All the previous era-winners would probably spit at your weak, pathetic play this round. Abydos, Serenity, Mirror, NT. None of them had to stoop to your level to accomplish what little you did.

23:37:05 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

*Looks at Reginald*
"Coming after my post, it looked like you were insulting me..."

23:39:05 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Rock Hard Reginald:

Nah. You're okay. :)))

*Pinches Erunion's cheek*

23:39:38 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Asystole:

Lying on the forum at every opportunity about your intentions and your relations.

Let's see, our relations were ill-defined but we kept to our terms the best we could.

Opening blockers to allow allies to attack allies.

Learned a lesson there, our NAP with Carnage (and CF with ZEON) weren't pages long like yours.

Planting multies in allied kingdoms.

Flat out lie. Ask Zeta who reported Falazar first (myself). Enough said.

Exploring to no end.

Nice try but I haven't explored in many weeks - explorers tend not to have 2 HoH armies at the end of an era.

Fighting 1-2 kingdoms at most.

Sounds like LGC/DB fighting only MAD and Nemesis.

Go and get a few ex-era winners (not of your KD) to post that I played pathetic this round. I doubt any of them will. Dude, you need to drop the ego trip. It's just a game, losing isn't the end of the world and you don't need to make a million excuses.

23:40:03 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

*Cuts Reginald's head off.*
"Bloody nerve."
*Incinerates Asystole.*
"No reason, just felt like it."

23:42:32 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

who gives a flying fooock!!? 3 days left!!

get outta my threat! this is about me single handedly taking out nemesis! with my 2356 hobgoblins!!! MUHUhuhuhuhuhuhuwwaaaaaaaaaa

23:44:35 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Rock Hard Reginald:

We lost ingame, granted, but there is one thing that we didn't lose, which you did, and that is our dignity. We retain our self respect, our faith in our own abilities to do battle and not to rely on an never-ending stream of NAPs in order to explore to 500% of a kingdom that was already in a fight with 3 others, and to then jump them. You musn't have a smidgeon of self-respect left in you.

Of course, the real loser in all this is VU. The most boring round to date.

23:45:25 Oct 9th 07 - Lord Epyon:


you guys are just about to war with 4 *beep*ing days left?!?!

you guys pussed out the whole era and now you're gonna fight???

the era will be over by the time your armies get to each other!!!

more wars makes it more fun and more rewarding if you win =S

23:45:42 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

here here reginald. however it was not boring, just dissapointing.

23:48:19 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Rock Hard Reginald:

Epyon, the war doesn't start until 2 days time apparantly. So make it: they're about to war with 2 days left of the round. Heh.

What a joke.

23:51:00 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

Seeing threads like this, it makes me happy I landed on Zetamania with the Jesters. Look at us, we lost a war around a quarter of the way through an era, completely pulled back and relocated, had 1 Nap until after armeggedon was cast (when that KD declared war on us), and are third over all, and rapidly gaining! We just crushed 2 kd's, both who started with twice our strength, one of which started the war because we were in their core, and the other because they were allied with the first KD to fall. Now, we have 2 Naps, and a CF which will end soon.

That's the way to play VU.

23:53:16 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Hunter:

Why does nemisis want to fight bow anyway? They wont be able to put up that much of a fight to nemisis at this point in the era.

23:54:12 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Asystole:

Actually the way you guys warred, I think you did lose some dignity. I mean losing to a KD of Fantasia nubs who only know how to explore? I expected more from the great Legacy. Then coming on here and making pathetic excuses to the community...yea that'll help the dignity all right...

23:59:20 Oct 9th 07 - Lord Epyon:

Mr. Rock Hard Reginald


10/9/2007 6:48:19 PM Epyon, the war doesn't start until 2 days time apparantly. So make it: they're about to war with 2 days left of the round. Heh.

What a joke.

Sorry Reg :P Ju*beep*rthers the point that they've all sense of how VU should be played...

23:59:46 Oct 9th 07 - Mr. Rock Hard Reginald:

No, we lost no dignity at all. Probably gained it, having compared our many victories to your insignificant one. Great as we are, there's little you can do when you're warring 3 opponents already, and another one jumps into the fray, who had NAP'ed everybody else on the map and had explored to 500% your size. What's more, we even had your own members come to us, pestering us in that time, asking us how much space they needed in order to build more 90k mines. Terrible.

Face it Asy, you'll never win defending your honour here, as there is none to defend. You're just, well, I hate to put it bluntly, stupid. Go have fun with your 2 day war, and learn to grow some balls between the round.

00:01:20 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Hunter:

Hey Asystole why did you guys decide to war bow and not zeon?

Sorry to interupt the flaming

00:02:51 Oct 10th 07 - Lord Epyon:

*Epyon takes out a flamethrower and blasts Hunter*

Stay out of this!! ;D

I agree with Reg 100%

00:04:05 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Hunter:

Epyon is lame and go bak to his home on Zetamaia

00:05:23 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

As do I. Even the mighty Legacy cannot win when surrounded like that. All I know is that they fought with honour, for I've never seen nor heard of them doing otherwise. I do, however, despise farmers.

00:06:52 Oct 10th 07 - Lord Epyon:

Then Erunion, you shouldnt be in Jester. Soccer is the biggest farmer of them all!!! ;) :P

Each kd has their good eras and their bad eras. Legacy just got cornered and got gang banged from a bunch of kds :(

00:15:05 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

*Uses a rocket launcher to blow Epyon's head off.*
"Thou mockest mine leige! Die!"

One thing I do have to say about Zeta though, the propensity of new players to neglect mages and spam lvl 1s helped Jester win, for we have a few vet's with us. And most of our attackers used Nazguls, so we had faster, less expensive per tick and heavily underestimated armies tearing ROF'ed enemies to bits... But it still was a good accomplishment.

00:51:19 Oct 10th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Asystole, just ask the Persians how many victories they'd scored with armies of millions. However, your massive armies and ho' power couldn't finish us off until a few days before arma. We held you for a month+ at 1/5 or 1/4 of your size.

Anyways, we Legacians may have died in our core but from real VU warriors, to real VU warriors. The words of the actions of the mighty Legacians (and DBans) spread. The next era won't look so good for you all. Especially if we NaP everyone and come straight for you, hmm? (Wonder how long they'd last?)

00:57:47 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Asystole:

Lol you called me stupid. Degrading from arguments to insults so fast? :(

Since you gave us such good advice on 90ks, does the empty spot that was your core have space? I think I can fit 2 more 90ks in before the era ends.

01:02:23 Oct 10th 07 - Lord Epyon:

Asystole, Im still confused....

did you "steal" someone's "ass (asy)" or something??

01:04:56 Oct 10th 07 - Duke Tiber Septim IV:

*Septim blows Erunion and Epyon away with a SPAM rocket launcher.


01:09:47 Oct 10th 07 - Sir Hephaestus:

I applaud the Legacians and Dark Blood...ians for fighting a long time at poor odds and without trying to creat a huge blame-game and finger-pointing (up until now, anyway).  There is less loss in an honorable defeat than there is gain in a dishonorable victory, and we all know that if the odds were set equal, Legacy definitely would have been the victor.

01:11:40 Oct 10th 07 - Lord Epyon:

I like how LGC and DB are all chill about losing and are really honorable :) :)

(I mean that in a good way)

01:46:57 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Sean Elderson:

There was fun to be had this era. I played a halfling and still got to burn a ton of cities with my armies. Heck even my scouts accomplished a lot. By scouts alone I burned 12 cities, took 3 cities, and killed one army with 317k mages in it. Enough patting myself on the back. I would like to thank all the honorable people that I met this era. Several of whom I owe my continued existance to. I won't mention names as to the fact that would be telling Nemesis where I am at. For a while there I thought they might actually hunt all of Dark Blood down, but myself and several KD mates continue to survive. Again thanks to honorable players who have lended a hand all through the map of Fantasia.

02:44:31 Oct 10th 07 - Crazy Xuaron:

"Even the mighty Legacy cannot win when surrounded like that."

Yes thats true. But if we ward Zeon, Music and bow 2 at that time we would have been in a mutch more dangerous situation than DB/LGC was at that time coz we would have had 4 wars on both North and south of the map witch is imposible for all KD's.

And i must say that we mad a cople mistakes this era. But there is no big reason to Blow things up like that. Our intentsion was to War DB/LGC and we did and thay knew that from the start.

and about not waring the zeon Map was just Good diplomatic's nothing more.
and i must say that anny KD around now could never win a war against DC/LGC when thay have even one other war going on. and thay know that.

04:59:05 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Soccermage:

1. no farming next era. (lgc dont NAP everyone just to pay them back! :))

2. Epyon, ur one of the farmers!!! 3 MAPs is it? ;)

05:01:33 Oct 10th 07 - Lord Epyon:

nah sorry Soc, you're wrong

its like, 7 or 8 ;D

05:33:26 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Atreides:

Haha...*beep* next era I'll easily have nearly 20! That's the whole map! (Including multiple kingdoms in other worlds too....I'm just that good!)

05:35:40 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Akeela:

hahahhaha i will have none next era beat that

12:34:56 Oct 10th 07 - Pirate Lewatha:

I can say, in the end of the era, Nemesis fought well. Even though they'd have grown 500% of our power. They tried their best and would have most likely broken through if their merge didn't get killed by using no prep times. Leaving out the crosswall arguments and the traitors (which, even though they didn't affect me, still caused a load of trouble) This era was perfectly fine if you ask me.

I do hope though, that Nemesis has learned that it's not nessacary to NAP / CF / MAP the whole map just to kill us (Dark Blood and Legacy) and that next time, they will think over their relations better.


Well fought, even though many people speak otherwise.

I wish I could be able to say the same of MAD. Their uncoordination has proven otherwise although. Firstly claiming to not have build crosswalls. Than trying to say that the wrong crosswall deletion was an advantage to us. MAD has really let me down, I always thought of them as a good kingdom. But my experience this era has proven me otherwise.

This is my opinion and only mine. I do not speak for anyone else.

12:57:29 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst:

*/me calls teh fire department*

17:22:32 Oct 10th 07 - Guildmaster Drenthinio:

Yeah i agree with lewathat's last sentence,

This is my opinion and only mine. I do not speak for anyone else.

When rock puts up some good arguments he's not speaking for whole of lgc or whole of DB, keep that in mind before making assumptions.

17:51:29 Oct 10th 07 - Lord Yerean:

Hurray for Nemesis, the kingdom that managed to hold a CF for almost a whole era!

Dammit, if you didn't go to war with BoW,Music,Zeon, you could have had the LONGEST CF IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF VU!

17:54:52 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Sun:

Lew has said it well. I thought highly of MAD till the end of this era... something was just missing... Good fight to nemesis by whatever means ;o And hope MAD improves a lot next era, and put up even better fights with whoever they will be warring next era (for certain individual... dont spend 100 bux yo! give it to charity! ^^ )

Lets looks towards a better era.

18:41:29 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Motherlicker:

lmao stopped reading when i read...

"Exploring to no end.

Nice try but I haven't explored in many weeks - explorers tend not to have 2 HoH armies at the end of an era."

So what you explored and whored some troops at the end of the era. Big wow!!

19:12:19 Oct 10th 07 - Lord Crom:

*beep* lgc/db !

19:29:41 Oct 10th 07 - Crazy Xuaron:

Lewatha sadly Nemesis wont be around next era.

and thanx for the compliment. witch i think we dont realy deserve. we had a good start But we lacked a bit later ere deu to some inactifity of our members and manny mistakes.

This was also the first era of Nemesis and wont be the last coz it will come back. It also was The first time for the leaders to rule a KD and i think we did pritty fine for the first time. we also didnt meant to NAP / CF / MAP This manny KD's But The situation Kinda forced us to do that.

19:46:22 Oct 10th 07 - Sir Fizban:

Lew, it's in their habit. They beat Lgc(/DB), get the slight orgasmic feeling that they actually did something and then crawl back into whatever holes they can find because they know payback's a-comin.

19:59:19 Oct 10th 07 - Ms. Quietone:

sounds a bit auspice like to me  

labs anyone?

20:06:17 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

Thats why Carnage is disbanding. We all have labs we need to go to:(

Damn those labs!

20:23:07 Oct 10th 07 - Pirate Lewatha:

so we have Carnage disbanding, Nemesis disbanding...

Dude.. What's happening over here in fantasia?!

20:31:31 Oct 10th 07 - Mr. Blue Dog Anchorite:

What?? Who said we were disbanding???

Was it that blue dog??? or venomz??

Damn them.....



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