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The Mantrax Minute
15:53:04 Jul 22nd 20 - Konstant (The Ancient Curse of God):

Rouges, Adventurers, Warriors, Farmers, and Mages!

Orcs (if ye can read), Trolls (<< ditto), Elves, Humans, Halflings, and Dwarves!

I introduce to all of thee the "Mantrax Minute", Mantrax's premier (and only) source of news for your wars, almanacs, and editorials.

This news source is not a debate forum, but rather a place where history will be recorded for the ages to come. Whoever would like to do so, please post your articles here! Slants, biases, or just factual truth are all welcome as long as it is in article form.

15:53:31 Jul 22nd 20 - Konstant (The Ancient Curse of God):

Mantrax, Age 71
VU Day 88147

The world has just begun and it seems that there are two mighty kingdoms striving for greatness this era. On the one hand, a giant of Mantrax - the Forgotten Warriors - known as FW have won 13 of the last 15 ages in Mantrax. Some say they are spirits who where crafted from the Mantrax bones of VU, but the grand challenger - the Church of Zeta - CoZ, knows better. An anonymous source from CoZ stated that they have clashed in the past, and have seen FW bleed, and whatever bleeds, can die. Only time will tell if the great leader, Grand Moff Phat, will lead CoZ into greatness and end FW's tyranny over Mantrax, or if CoZ will go the way of the oh so many who have tried in the past.

16:52:27 Aug 5th 20 - Konstant (The Ancient Curse of God):

Mantrax, Age 71
VU Day 88484

After a hectic period where Ferox was overrun by FW forces, and Riven was dispatched by CoZ, the two behemoths have claimed their territory and are now facing off. The first skirmish went to CoZ, after Rockstar Games, the vanquisher of Ferox, sent in his forces in order to take the first strike against their nemesis. CoZ was prepared though, as Benedict, the destroyer of Riven, was there to intercept, and dispatch the intended intrusion.

Who will make the next move? Only time will tell.

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