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Valhalla 69
23:16:06 May 26th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

Look guys! It's the sex number! Ooooohhh.

After decades of Holy oppression, Holy is finally gone from Valhalla! Yay!
In its place, some Holy members made Judgement instead, so I'm looking forward to how this era will go. :)

Cheers to all you WoW folks out there who recognized Holy's banner.

19:16:52 May 30th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

Can we stop the silly stone prices so i can native in peace? Thanks in advance.

01:16:11 May 31st 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

I second that.

01:38:05 May 31st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

Supply and demand.

01:40:09 May 31st 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

There is no demand, therefore, don't try to supply, and native instead.

01:42:32 May 31st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

You can still native. Just do it at a price the natives want. 

02:07:36 May 31st 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

Shit argument mate, give me my .59 :D:D

04:04:14 May 31st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

Buy up the goods and have at it :)

22:40:26 May 31st 20 - Emperor (Emperor Benightedness):

I will buy all stone soon.. thanks for keeping price low 

02:22:02 Jun 1st 20 - Captain Joebob The Lightbringer:

This market is trash.. is the whole world OPPing or is no one buying?

15:13:32 Jun 19th 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

The fuq

15:18:12 Jun 19th 20 - Sir Edi The Great:

Went from asking us to Nap Judgement to give them a better fight to casting Arma?

Era is not over...
We did what you suggested, we’re giving you guys a fight, are we not??

Mr. The Great And Powerful (6/9/2020 10:53:13 AM)GOODBAD
still fighting? :( will be same situation when we had last time, we where fighting against you guys and heaven and holy was at side farming lol 

Now I must reach lvl 9 magic to cast arma ... just nap each other and fight us :D 
You (6/9/2020 11:26:48 AM)
It is like that when ever there are three kingdoms on map, two will come, third farms and wins
Get magic 9 if possible to end it right after we die
Mr. The Great And Powerful (6/9/2020 11:17:40 PM)GOODBAD
I have lvl 8 , one more to go :)

17:13:07 Jun 19th 20 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

Well... you are right Edi... but suddenly I find out that not all of us active enough.. We are those who can't give you a good fight :) 

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