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Valhalla 70
18:35:35 Aug 2nd 20 - Mr. Warpeace:

Its kick off time !!!!

23:59:07 Aug 2nd 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

Hammer and Shield Reporting. We have space for 3 more. 

5 landed thus far.

15:23:14 Aug 3rd 20 - Penguin (Clown Saint Josaphat Kuntsevych):

pay me 50 euros and i might join

16:30:38 Aug 3rd 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

Well, we have our first traitor. He sent this then left.. Sure, it is kinda my fault for not seeing in the "new era races" thread in our forum that he suggested southwest or southeast.. He could have started a new thread for strategy.. He also could have messaged me where he wanted..

Lord Arc (8/3/2020 4:50:32 AM)GOODBAD
What in Southwest you did not understand?
You (8/3/2020 7:47:59 AM)
Bro.. 1) you need to learn what tact is and how to use it.

2) where did you say southwest? The only input I got from anybody was Northeast and since I spawned in the absolute west, that wasn't an option.. If I missed it, I'm sorry, but I didn't see it
Lord Arc (8/3/2020 9:55:56 AM)GOODBAD
Oh, sorry. I did not know you can't read. K. Bye.

16:37:04 Aug 3rd 20 - Ryan the Archion (Duke Ryan The Archion XXVIII):

K. Bye.

16:45:21 Aug 3rd 20 - Konspyre (Captain God Zeus):

Thinks he's a big deal? check.
Childish response? check.
Unwillingness to respond to your message, and instantly resorting to insults? check.

I had a remarkably similar exchange with him last era on Mant. Don't sweat it too much Dak.

06:38:50 Sep 4th 20 - Prince Merlin The Trader:

Whats the situation in Valhalla this era?

Can we get a quick summary?
And when it might end?

21:56:21 Sep 4th 20 - Mr. War Peace II:

in summery 

H&S & Candlewax fought Judgment.
Judgement are still left with a bit of fight left in them
KOH attacked Candlewax 
The Borg i dont think they dropped
.... WAR is on!

00:23:43 Sep 5th 20 - Konspyre (Captain God Zeus):

Even if we don't win, we'll never be easy prey :)

01:01:19 Sep 5th 20 - Mr. War Peace II:

ah nah fair play I sent two armies and both got frozen then eaten I think I took and wrecked one city in the end lol

07:02:29 Sep 5th 20 - Ruthless The Ironside:

Then I came i ate em all up.

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