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14:26:13 Dec 6th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Clever Orc Name):

Synarchy is gonna spawn as one big happy family - you scrrd?

15:23:20 Dec 6th 18 - Phat (Grand Moff Tarkin):


Well, I surrender this era .

22:03:02 Dec 7th 18 - Mr. Silverthing:

Time to die early again bois

12:38:37 Dec 8th 18 - The Real Josh (Mr. Chade The Ghey Boi):

Imma coming for you boi

13:41:03 Dec 8th 18 - Duke of The Rings:

<3 the nickname


04:46:25 Dec 9th 18 - The Real Josh (Mr. Chade The Ghey Boi):

I hoped you would <3

14:50:34 Dec 9th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

Hammer and Shield has 7 reporting for duty. Maybe more.

14:51:19 Dec 9th 18 - Mr. Feckerd:

You should change your kd name from Hammer and Shield to Pitch and Fork.

18:16:51 Dec 9th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

But we sell both stone and Food!

02:50:34 Dec 16th 18 - Mr. Silverthing:

Great news lads I didn't get completely wiped out immediately, it's progress.

05:06:49 Dec 16th 18 - All Might:

Meanwhile a couple of us at trapped in Synarchy lol

This just validates my opinion that humans are the only real viable race for solo players in a universe where walls are easily crushed.

02:51:48 Dec 19th 18 - All Might:

When you're trying to survive and a group of assholes keep driving down the price on the market

What logic dictates that you'd go from .89 to .74 for stone???


02:59:58 Dec 19th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

Lol. I can tell you that one. A player who has only played Dwarf for years tries hobbit, forgets to  build lumber mines, and has a stone surpluss.

Supply/Demand. But it looks like he isn't the only one lumberless. I've been selling out of trees at costs at to 3.37 gold per each!

But if no one is buying stone to STG, then demand is down, so supply will back up unless the prices lower to what people are willing to pay.

03:15:53 Dec 19th 18 - All Might:

The bottom sellers were H&S at .89

Then you guys undercut yourselves by .15 -_-

03:25:23 Dec 19th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

Knowing the player personally, I can blame fat thumbs.

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