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havn't restarted yet!
02:06:45 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Asmuth:

Most Powerful Armies Most Powerful Cities

Agent Johnson lifeguards
owned by Mr. Agent Johnson

Sanoh II lifeguards
owned by Mr. Sanoh II

Niveko lifeguards
owned by Mr. Niveko

Ovation II lifeguards
owned by Mr. Ovation II

Erica Incarnate lifeguards
owned by Ms. Erica Incarnate

Loren Soth lifeguards
owned by Lord Loren Soth

Rhiannia lifeguards
owned by Lady Rhiannia

Dwfan lifeguards
owned by Mr. Dwfan

Plysprtz lifeguards
owned by Mr. Plysprtz

The Gladiator lifeguards
owned by Mr. The Gladiator

owned by Mr. Fox

Miller Town
owned by Mr. Miller

Phoenix Guild
owned by Mr. Phoenix Fire

Dawn of Darkrid
owned by Lady Rhiannia

owned by Mr. Dwfan

Start Meup
owned by Mr. Agent Ash

owned by Mr. Sanoh II

Most Powerful Groups Most Powerful Rulers

[GAUL] The Gauls
With Mr. Arch Shade as leader.

[HC] Holy Cows
With Mr. Might as leader.

[LDK] The Great Duchy of Lithuania
With Mr. Akademinis as leader.

[Hell] G O D L I K E
With Mr. Furion as leader.

[Zeon] Zeon
With Mr. Messiah as leader.

[Jump] Jumpers
With Mr. Sitting Duck as leader.

[HEE] Holy Ecclesian Empire
With Mr. Onaga as leader.

[Agent] Agent Smith
With Mr. Agent Johnson as leader.

[RDR] Russian Democratic Republic
With Mr. Temuchin as leader.

[FA] The Freelance Alliance
With Mr. Fox as leader.

Mr. Asmuth
Member of: G O D L I K E.

Mr. Warrior
Member of: Not a member of a group.

Ms. Psykee
Member of: The Gauls.

Duke Borazon
Member of: Agent Smith.

Mr. Might
Member of: Holy Cows.

Sir Iorek Byrnison
Member of: Russian Democratic Republic.

Ms. Amanda
Member of: Not a member of a group.

Mr. Fraser
Member of: Not a member of a group.

Mr. Igor
Member of: Not a member of a group.

Sir Pesterd
Member of: The Great Duchy of Lithuania .


lol most powerful ruler!! rrrrraggghhh

02:07:22 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Might:

I haven't restarted either.

02:09:44 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Sanoh II:

it has somewhat restarted, cause im on there

02:11:09 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Fox:

everyone is placed on the HoH at this stage =/

it always does it i believe.

it'll be sorted out before the era officially starts (as in ticks start going)

03:50:29 Dec 10th 07 - Lady Rhiannia:

i am a dwarf and dont need my trees, not needing trees at this stage of the game anyway.....soooo, they are on the market, if anyone wants em...

04:00:32 Dec 10th 07 - Mr. Sanoh II:

the HOH if fixed. it will still be changing rapidly though

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