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A Long Return
16:55:10 Feb 26th 17 - Mr. Evansss:

So I've just looked up this game after almost 4 years of not playing (1125 days according to my news).

I'm looking for an honest assessment, how is this game doing these days? Has it gained a player base?
Much changed in 4 years? :P

Thanks in advance
Sir Evans

18:20:04 Feb 26th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax From Zetmania):

Join me on Mantrax (RoC) and Zeta (Legends).

And welcome back Evan. I do remember our glorious time from when the worlds were connected.

21:06:34 Feb 26th 17 - Mr. Evansss:

I'm still deciding to be honest, has the size of the player based increased?

I have about 5-9 players i would bring with me that are competent at online games.

21:18:49 Feb 26th 17 - Binh (Mr. Skinflayer):

player base decreased. not much changed

22:17:36 Feb 26th 17 - Princess Aisha:

We had at least 60 active people in Fantasia last era

That is not the usual number? I thought that was a slight increase?

00:20:53 Feb 27th 17 - SFD (Duke Hybrid Sfd):

evans, join back....
to combat the lack of players, we have decreased worlds :)
we miss you, you Australian dirtbag ;) (i hope its you and you are Australian) :P :P

02:09:37 Feb 27th 17 - Binh (Mr. Skinflayer):

decrease compared to 4 years ago.

08:49:40 Feb 27th 17 - Mr. Evansss:


it is me, but i was never australian, I just didnt use to sleep much :P
I'll probably be around soon. Any worlds ending soon? :P

09:14:23 Feb 27th 17 - Queen Freya II:

Mantrax just started like 9 hrs ago.

Fantasia will end soon.

13:16:23 Feb 27th 17 - SFD (Ms. Bran):

ah WB evans \:D

13:42:21 Feb 27th 17 - Bran (Mr. Nigel):

i thought evans was english not australian?

15:54:28 Feb 28th 17 - Mr. Evansss:

@Bran ,

Yeah I am :D

20:19:31 Feb 28th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

And back in the age of the Dorian kingdom. We had a dutch guy too in the leadership (I wasn't member of that). But what was his name?

20:25:32 Feb 28th 17 - Mr. Bling:

Santa Claus

20:40:27 Feb 28th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax From Zetmania):

Yes. But he also used another (more) common name.

17:01:19 Mar 1st 17 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

Saint Nick?

20:44:39 Mar 1st 17 - Mr. Evansss:

Yeah it was Santa Claus, dont remember him by any other name... This all seems so long ago.

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