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Accidently leaving Kingdom
02:37:15 Apr 2nd 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

I've got a friend who I know in real life who is sort of a clutz. He accidentally left the kingdom, and doesn't see how to rejoin. Is there any sort of over ride feature that leadership can do to let a person back into their kingdom if they accidentally left?

02:44:34 Apr 2nd 16 - Sir Moon Shine:

Disband and recreate

03:19:56 Apr 2nd 16 - Zephyr (Marquess Hartmut):

He could try and join with a different character afaik.

03:21:58 Apr 2nd 16 - Polydeuces (Lord Valkyros XLII):

Not if he landed in the world, he can't.

03:43:34 Apr 2nd 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

He got his character's mixed up and dropped from the wrong kingdom.

Which is sad, he is a newer player and views weeks of work going down the drain, pending a recreate of the kingdom, which can lead to some other complications.

There should be an override for leaders to allow it.

03:47:44 Apr 2nd 16 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valhalla):

It would allow feeding to be done too easily.

06:12:34 Apr 2nd 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Nazgul Rider):

Recreated kingdom ... we all good now=]

House Baratheon replaces Kingdom Of Ferakin

00:25:41 Apr 3rd 16 - Duke Sesugh The Warg:

@poly make it so they can rejoin aslong as no attacks have taken place??

13:41:27 Apr 5th 16 - Woody (Lord Woody):

Or have a cooling off period, for example 72 hrs since the last hostile action, prepping, magic, attacking etc 

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