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All peasants escape every time
18:08:07 Jul 30th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

Anonymous in Mantrax managed to take a lot of cities at beginning of the era, so has a lot more land than anyone else, wanted to mention that, do not know if its important for my question. Every time I take one of his cities, and I have taken quite a few, all the peasants escape, and every city is empty. There is no issue with that, but I would like to know if there is a trick how I could do that? So that none of my peasants stay and end up slaves for the enemy? I mean I do get the slaves, but when I take the city it has 0 peasants in there. In other battles I take the peasants as well so city might revolt, but not here. Any idea how this is done?

20:10:18 Jul 30th 15 - Mr. Abominable Jon Snowman:

Did you get any other resources when you took the city? Gold stone food wood? If you have a lot more land than someone their pesents will escape with all the resources. Of not, then he may have just put all his pesents into an army before you attacked. It's a good way to not let your enemy get slaves, and sometimes if the attacking army is powerfull enough the defending army (with the pesents) will flee the city and go to the next friendly city, which then can be moved into any free homes if the city belongs to the same person, other times they will just die, but still the enemy won't get them.

20:39:17 Jul 30th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

Yes I did get some resources, its a normal attack, but I think you are right, he must have had all his peasants in army, hoping I would get nothing from it. I guess I plunder much less that way, its true. But when I take the city, it has no peasants so it can never revolt. So not sure what is better to do :)

23:01:12 Jul 30th 15 - Mr. Abominable Jon Snowman:

Not having to worry about a revolt is good if you want to keep your army moving and leave the city empty. Just put 1 slave in the city after you take it and it will still get all the resources like normal that tick even with no pesents.

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