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Aotd sciences
18:05:26 Jan 4th 17 - Mr. Eddie Late Starter:

Hey guys,

Its my fourth era, I have only played Halfling so far but I want a change
So I will try a race that has aotd units
But I wanted to ask about sciences, because I am slightly confused...

This is what I have in one battle report now:

17:15:10 Jan 4th 17 - Mr. Eddie Late Starter:

rd 78k killed almost no injured

Means with aotd he gets all back


I'm terribly sorry Mr. Eddie Late Starter. But we have lost the battle.

Our army escaped to Edi Late.

We killed a total of 78713 enemy troops, 0 peasants and injured 4143 enemy troops.

I think that is because of his sciences, or am I wrong?
I am not sure, but I think its military and medicine that are important for this.
High military gives less dead more injured? 
And high medicine what does it do regarding battle reports?

Does this mean if I want aotd I should get quite low military science?
Could someone get me some advice what sciences I should go for...

18:20:41 Jan 4th 17 - Binh (Mr. Eagle Eye):

no military aotd should only be attempted by orc. be warn though that top army can potentially slaughter you much more easily.

medicine heal more of your injured troops back. dont need medicine if you go no miliyary.

19:03:00 Jan 4th 17 - Mr. Eddie Late Starter:

Does medicine play any part in this, or medicine only helps when healing, more would heal. So basically the higher military the more injured and less dead.

Makes sense, but in this case, when I fight an Archmage army, these numbers look really strange, the amount of injured is just way too low compared to dead ones.

Would this mean that the guy casted magic weapons and has maybe military level 0? 

19:45:34 Jan 4th 17 - Binh (Mr. Binh):

when military level are equal on both side, death to injure ratio is exactly 1:1. that archmage army probably have 1 military level with no magic weapon spell active. if he had 0 ml, it would be all dead no injure.

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