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Attacking on mobile
16:21:43 Mar 9th 15 - Mr. Radiantdawn:

How do you attack on mobile

17:10:23 Mar 9th 15 - Princess Aisha:

What kind of attack gives you trouble?

Its exactly the same as in normal version...

Attacking a city:
Move your army to the target city. When your army is touching the city, click the city. You will see 'generals of army name await your orders' and you click that. It gives you attack options.

Attacking an army
Move your army to touch the target army, click on the target army and again you will see option 'generals of army name await your orders' and then you get attack option

If that does not work let us know.
Keep in mind if enemy is in protection you will not get attack options. 

18:48:52 Mar 9th 15 - Stephen Ben (Mr. Care Blair):

Or if your enemy is quicker with their mobile =)

21:38:32 Mar 9th 15 - Mr. Trolling Troll:

This is his 1st era. He didn't realize that he could attack an  army prepping on him from within a city.

01:27:09 Mar 10th 15 - Stephen Ben (Mr. Care Blair):

That makes sense. I did wonder why he emptied the city. How nice of me to give it back......

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