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Berserker speciality
19:42:59 Feb 28th 15 - Mr. Scimitar Warbird:

Berserkers will kill everything, even allies. 

What does this mean actually?
I asked around, most people just say it means many of your soldiers die for no reason, when you should have a clean kill you still lose many soldiers? 

Why is that a special ability and not disadvantage? 
Also some say if you happen to get hit my someone stronger with lets say 90% chance and if they fail, they would have extreme casualties cause of Berserkers, or not true?

20:19:04 Feb 28th 15 - Mr. Valhallas Clown:

Essentially any attack with zerks you have more losses on both sides. People have said that you can slaughter an enemy with 99% but it has yet to happen to me. You may kill  like an extra 2% of troops but like an extra 1.5% of yours.

Its great when you need to make suicidal hits or you have someone who can aotd you back up

21:59:00 Feb 28th 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord World Render):

on that 99% slaughter thing i have done it twice as human

23:38:57 Feb 28th 15 - Mr. Barny:

In every battle there are a number of units that are affected by the battle, this number is usually dictated by military science (there are other factors like morale but those are usually around 100%).

Of the affected units, a certain % are unharmed, a % are injured, and a % die. This is usually based on relative military science (if you have more mil science than the person you attack in army vs army you will affect more total units and cause more injury than deaths relative to your losses). From what I've seen and understand Berserkers have a greater 'total affected units' count in battles for both allied and enemy units.

The most practical advantage that this has is that it allows you to slaughter enemy armies in sub-100% battles (debateably not really that useful) and the most severe drawback is that your own army will be slaughtered in sub-100% battles and low% attacks that you initiate (a severe disadvantage when you consider that Berserkers are AOTD-Capable units and therefore you lose 3/4 of the utility offered by AOTD via your inability to survive being bounced at a high % and your inability to hit someone prepping your city at low %s over and over with AOTD to slaughter them).

As a whole I'd say the Berserker special ability is pretty unique and it's not strictly an advantage or disadvantage. Ironically enough it doesn't synergize well with AOTD in lategame AOTD vs AOTD battles because you lose the ability to slaughter an enemy who is more than 3 times your size that is prepping your city, but at the same time your enemy loses the ability to do the same thing to you.

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