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Best web browser for VU
06:37:08 May 6th 17 - Mr. Shahal:

Just got back to the game after many years and I'm wondering which web browser works best now?  I have issues using Chrome and Edge.  Some things don't quite work right in Chrome like transferring troops in and out of armies.  With Edge everything works but moving the map around is really choppy.

07:08:03 May 6th 17 - Mr. Battos:

I use firefox man, works great

07:32:56 May 6th 17 - Sprout (Mr. Homo Erectus):

Firefox here as well.  Used edge and my android phone with no problems. well maybe some with magic on the phone.

You might try changing your settings by checking the box that says click to move armies.

08:27:28 May 6th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Eros Butt Slapper):

safari here. on mobile puffin 

11:43:36 May 6th 17 - Mr. Evons:

Chrome. Everything's fine for me

12:47:45 May 6th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

same work fine on chrome 

14:23:34 May 6th 17 - Kasakasz (Mr. Bolek The Noone):

have used Firefox but after casting spells twice instead of once switched to Chrome

19:03:48 May 6th 17 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean):

to fix the issue with chrome, have you got ad block enabled? 

20:21:39 May 7th 17 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jack Danielss):

used to use firefox i use chrome now (no reason for switching browsers) i dont really have any problems except on my mobile it likes to log me out randomly for no reason when i'm in the middle of doing a bunch of stuff and i use chrome on my mobile 

14:23:40 May 8th 17 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier):

I use phone. Very easy. If you wanna do spells on it select the spell and put where u want it. Then go back 1 page and you can cast it

03:30:17 May 9th 17 - Mr. Shahal:

Thank you Lord Jellybean.  That worked perfectly! Didn't think to disable Adblock.

18:58:13 Sep 27th 17 - Mr. Graybeard:

Can you play from iPad?

19:07:02 Sep 27th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

Internet Explorer, the best browser on the web

23:29:35 Sep 27th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros Wears Sombreros):

safari imo

only problem I have with this web browser is the fact that when I open up one kd forum topic sometimes like 2-10 other tabs open as well... other than that though life is good

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