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Casting aotd army sizes
19:04:50 May 8th 18 - Mr. Butha The Butcher:

It came to my attention some mages think the size of army that they cast aotd on matters, which is not true.

Casting on scout or horde will give the same result regarding loss of mages and mage towers because only the number of dead troops matter. 

Could some veteran players confirn this for me?

20:56:02 May 8th 18 - Venomz (Mr. Ven):

Army size matters on casting succes, the size of an army makes it harder to cast on. That's why it's easier to cast on scouts than on hordes. 

So you're right, it doesn't make a difference for aotd, but magic in general.

*Correct me if I'm wrong. 

03:48:04 May 9th 18 - Endless (Ms. Lucifer The Lightbringer):

last I heard, when AOTD'ing an army it doesn't matter whether it's a scout or original army size, but the magic power it has compared to the mage casting will impact .. but I'm not sure if any changes were made to the game mechanics since I stopped playing for awhile and only recently came back

03:48:56 May 9th 18 - The Sidodis:

Confirmed, Aotd % only goes off dead troops not overall army size.(-lvl 4 ??)
Some reduce to scout and travel to the mage to prevent tower loss, mostly late game tho.
Merging only effects the cast if you merge your Army needing the aotd cast into another, meaning you can merge armies into the army you are casting on, just not the other way :P

Ownage does not effect aotd cast.
magic protection will effect cast %  :(

08:30:00 May 9th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

Mattathia of big brain here to solve question

when undeading it not matter what is in undeading army, only matter what is being undeaded

Admin please close, Mattathia is solve question.

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