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City can't grow!
21:08:10 Nov 26th 08 - Sir Manwe:

I have an armoury city (on zeta), and it says i can build 0 buildings and 0 walls. i have over 1mil gold and stone, so i obviously have anough resources to build them. so i thought maybe there wasn't enough room. but there is way moe space around it than around other cities i see that are constantly growing. so, could somebody help me with this? i need to build more!

21:12:52 Nov 26th 08 - Mr. Bleddyn:


Got any tree.? XD

21:16:06 Nov 26th 08 - Sir Manwe:

i'm a dwarf. but yes i have lots of tree also.

21:21:02 Nov 26th 08 - Mr. Rather:

does it say: "There is space for 0 more buildings " if so, it means when you built your city you must've built it next to another city, or you have maxed out the city (if it is next to a forest, mountain or river the size will be greatly decreased). The maximum number of buildings in any city is 90,000 but that is if you build far enough away from terrain and other cities.

basically, you have probably run out of space in the city

21:21:08 Nov 26th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

if you cant build and you have the cash the city is full. space around the city doesnt always matter. how big is it atm ?

23:21:10 Nov 26th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

Sometimes I get told that I should wait for buildings to be completed before building more...

00:57:46 Nov 27th 08 - Sir Manwe:

to rather: it does say "There is space for 0 more buildings " but, my city isn't near any geographical feature or other city.

to osi: there are 14199 buildings, and 497 walls(plus 448 in the process of being built.

to charley: everythings finished being built except a few walls...

01:06:47 Nov 27th 08 - Mr. Rather:

the only other thing i can suggest is if a city was near when you built but whoever had that city destroyed it..

01:28:44 Nov 27th 08 - Sir Stewie Griffin:

yeah are u sure there was no other city beside u when u first made ur city?

18:12:10 Nov 27th 08 - Sir Manwe:

absolutely sure.

05:42:40 Nov 28th 08 - Mr. Adrastos:

A screenshot of this would help us.

20:07:07 Nov 28th 08 - Sir Manwe:

how do you take a screenshot?

20:37:14 Nov 28th 08 - Mr. New Guy:

click prnt scrn (print screen) at the top of the key board. its just after F12.

20:45:03 Nov 28th 08 - Mr. Sandoran The Gifted:

I saw the problem with my own eyes, Manwe, your city can't grow anymore because an mountain is in the way, and an lake, to have more space in the city, build it something further away from the mountain, or better idea, build in our core ; )

04:03:43 Nov 29th 08 - Sir Manwe:

no not revenge, sandoran. i'm talking about survival. it's in the core to the west of mithril mines.

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