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City name regulations
22:59:01 May 14th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

I've noticed autocrorrections and other oddities with naming cities.

What are the rules for naming? When will it autocorrect? When will it erase spaces? What Characters are prohibited? How long can it be?

23:06:44 May 14th 16 - Princess Aisha:

If you put Zeta game changes it into God (admins ingame name iz Zeta so I guess he thought it would be funny)

You are not able to write insulting names and admin even banned someone for using the name of the german leader in ww2. 

You must use 3 letter words when naming cities, cause two letter words are gone. I think you can use two letters for armies though

23:18:27 May 14th 16 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Can I use the & sign or any other symbols?

Also, what is the length limit?

02:16:45 May 15th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

I think its 15 characters, but not sure. This is base don one of my cities was meant to be named "Thenthitivity City" but it cut off after the "C" (so my count was including the space)

Also dont think you can use 2 letter words in armies either :(

Also one of my favorite auto corrections is a certain word that turns into "Luck". Not cause of the word itself, but even when i had stopped playing VU for a while I continued to  switch anyone using the word "Luck" in my mind to it.  Makes things like "Man that was some bad luck"  Or watching the Colts play football much better >:)

02:27:01 May 15th 16 - Princess Aisha:

Riders of Rohan has just been created!
Its possible to use two letters for army name, but if you would try Riders Of Rohan as city name you would get Riders Rohan

I know for a fact that its possible to write
For army name so that is 22 characters

03:35:39 May 15th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

Hmmm, I thought I had an army take away a two letter word in it, but considering we all start with "people of" armies I must be mistaken ><

And the army max limit says 25 characters on the create army page

03:38:16 May 15th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

Ok, "of" is allowed in armies, but "to" doesnt seem to be, and I just tried to test it further with a bunch of two letter nonsense and it just took away the spaces and came out as


(My earlier assumption that two letter words wernt allowed is because I had an army remove the "to" before and you made me think I was going crazy there lol)

Edit. .. .  looks like "da" might not be allowed either, since "Back to da future" just turned into "Back Future" lol

10:12:41 May 15th 16 - Duke Chade The Macho Thing:

well army names can be pretty long, cause Ive had an army called "Sensitive Kick Inthe Butt" and it was ok. The only 2 letter word you can use is "of" but im not sure if this extends to armies and cities or only armies.

In terms of cities, as it was mentioned above, anything offensive is automatically changed

12:22:12 May 15th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

Obviously on the offensive. I was looking more into word like By, of, The, etc.

Like Home by the Sea or something like that. 

12:22:36 May 15th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

Or the abbreviation HQ 

16:11:15 May 15th 16 - Duke Chade The Macho Thing:

naming conventions MUST be at least 3 characters, except for "of" :) hope this clears it :P

17:08:23 May 18th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

"of", "al" and roman numbers (I, II, VI, etc)  are allowed. All other words with two or one characters will be joined.

If a part of the name is filtered out because of a bad word, you can be clever about it, But don't use your cleverness to avoid the bad word filter!

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