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Difference between NAP and MAP
05:42:46 Aug 16th 17 - Mr. Edi The Great:

Could someone explain the difference between Non Agression Pact and Military Assistance Pact? I mean, if you have a NAP, people still can work with each other, if you ask for help, they might send it or they can say we can't afford to send anyone to help you, sorry.

But when a MAP is signed, what does it mean in relation to NAP? If you ask for help, are they obligated to send armies to help or what? When people have NAP, do they share intel on other kingdoms, magic information and stuff? I am guessing with MAP they would share... But they share with NAPs as well I believe.

So what is the difference between NAP and MAP?

Please note I do not want explanation from members of kingdom called Mad and Dangerous, because their understanding of alliances is different from other kingdoms.

06:46:28 Aug 16th 17 - Endless (Mahatma Kane Jeeves):

generally a NAP is a non-aggression agreement and they aren't obligated to assist you in any way, a MAP is a mutual protection agreement and therefore you both sort of have to work together re relations because if you MAP one and NAP another... if the NAP partner goes for your MAP partner you'll end up breaking the NAP by assisting the MAP :p

06:47:43 Aug 16th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Its like a crap, but different

10:33:11 Aug 16th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

Map also forces both parties to consult the other one when napping an additional member. This used to be important when the game had more kingdoms and thus more relations but now it has lost most of its relevance. 

12:18:53 Aug 16th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:


- Can share intel
- Can support with magic and armies
- 0 obligation to do so


-Think NATO.  Attack 1 is an attack on all.
- Not technically obliged to pripritized defense but it is poor form not to aid if capable.
- Not obliged to attack and aggress the same KDs. Activated by Defense.

Sister Kingdoms
-Two KDs or morw with Ll the same diplomacy. Think EU or USA. Similar to Mormont, Targaryen, and another GoT KD several eras ago.

12:23:06 Aug 16th 17 - Lord Caedus:

I made the mistake when leading the Falcons (many era ago) by NAP'ing one kingdom and MAP'ing another that went to war. 

By remaining neutral in the situation, we ended up breaking our MAP and made a very powerful enemy. 

12:31:39 Aug 16th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

I would argue neutraneutralo long as gates remain shut, etc) is not a breakage of it. It could be seen as prioritization.

Far worse is a KD called Azeroth saod we were MAP and would work together then decided we were NAP and then went so far as to open gates and such for enemy armies.

12:44:06 Aug 16th 17 - Bran (Mr. Jacob Rees Mogg):

bigfield i think what you were describing was a defensive pact. a MAP is an aggression pact, meaning you dont attack anyone unless its together. they dont mean much beyond that, which is why they were also agreed to in the past along with a set of terms

16:35:29 Aug 16th 17 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Bannerman):

Alright I am going to explain this. In my VU experience, many people believe agreements mean different things. The best way to prevent confusion is to include specifics in your agreement before both leaders agree which vary.

Also look at the acronym. a MAP is not a MPP

Mutual Attack or Assistance Pact (MAP) = Declares war against common enemy and uses teamwork to defeat them thus sharing information. 

Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) = Will go to war with a kingdom that invades said kingdom, this is good for protecting smaller kingdoms. The invasion must be unprovoked.

No Attack Policy = Kingdom A agrees to not attack Kingdom B, sharing information is not guaranteed, returning cities is not guaranteed. Experienced leaders talk about terms before hand.

Alliance = Includes all of the above Pacts

Truce = a TEMPORARY break from war between two kingdoms to usually fight a bigger threat or rebuild kingdoms, commonly 7 -14 days in length.

All Treaties can be broken, through backstabbing or appropriate political channels. 48 hours notice is the minimum , 72 hours notice is honorable. The notice gives the kingdoms time to defend their blockers, the aggressor should not be moving into attack positions until after the Pact is over.

Now if you ever run into Forgotten Warriors you kill them on sight... No treaties for them. :)

01:30:20 Aug 18th 17 - Binh (Mr. Binh Not Late):

Fw doesnt make relations. It doesnt mean that they will attack you on sight or other kd should attack them on sight though. It just mean that you will war them sooner or later. And sooner or later depends on fw and other kds circumstances.

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