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Dwarf Magic Compatability
03:24:06 Aug 13th 15 - Sir Kid:

I know dwarves are the last race usually a person would go to if they were interested in magic casting, however I was curious if anyone has ever achieved lvl 9 magic with this race and if so generally how much it costed

05:13:41 Aug 13th 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

I think there was a guy who did and he had tons of gold to spend on must and mus and cavers:)

09:39:53 Aug 13th 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

Back before buildingprices increased dwarves where actually a quite strong race due to the fact that they could pump several 90kers full of cavers. But I've never heard of anyone getting magic sciences with a dwarf since back in those days when dwarvish mages where a thing.

16:21:03 Aug 13th 15 - Princess Aisha:

I am not sure, but I think a guy called Gokken used to always play dwarf mage, and he was quite good with it. You require just a bit more farming, and it can be done. Dwarfs can have huge incomes, but their magic is too expensive, so if you want to do magic, better with to Elves as best option. Halfers seem to do decent as well, and humans are good at everything.

18:04:49 Aug 13th 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

Before bless was capped dwarvish mage was viable yes, but after Zeta finally nerfed it less people did it. And with buildingcost increase dwarf mage was dead. Dwarf was pretty much alltoghether dead tbh.

20:17:05 Aug 13th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

But ZeTa will soon remove building cost increase for the best of all fantasia!! Gloreh!

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