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Dwarf Magic
06:35:48 Jun 1st 16 - Sir Force:

Do dwarves have natural magic resistance?

12:54:59 Jun 1st 16 - Mr. Sesughter The Warg:


15:34:28 Jun 1st 16 - Mr. Yuan Shu:

but for both magics as well

17:10:01 Jun 1st 16 - King BurningLegion (King Burninlegion The Beserker):

I have always wondered, do dwarfs have worse casting ability than other races?

21:30:28 Jun 1st 16 - Mr. Yuan Shu:

yes, they aren't able to cast magic very well.

02:14:15 Jun 2nd 16 - Sir Force:

What do you guys base those information on? 

Have you tested it, or that are just your thoughts? 

02:20:35 Jun 2nd 16 - Mr. Yuan Shu:

I have tested it myself for a few eras. Dwarf needs minimum 40k MUs to just cast STG on himself. Now that is a level 4 spell

02:36:11 Jun 2nd 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Tyrin):

There is no way any race need 40k mu for stg unless youre doing it with only magic 4 and youre casting on a max visual size 90k stocked with troops. . . . . in which case youre doing it very wrong.

As for the dwarf resistance, when I played in 2011 I swear it was gotten rid of but I couldnt find the forum post when asked last week. Binh and I ran some test and as far as we could tell there was absolutely no difference for utility (friendly) spells on dwarf and anyone else. 

As for combat spells, been maging on fant the last two eras (and the last week or so  f the one before that when I joined back) and can tell you that if they do get any bonus resistance, its certainly not the 2x thats claimed on some guides.

02:44:48 Jun 2nd 16 - Mr. Yuan Shu:

It is 40k for a dwarf casting magic level 4 to STG **himself**. 

Every other race requires much less

02:58:20 Jun 2nd 16 - Sir Merlin The Mage:

I am not sure if you are doing stg right Mr Yuan Shu

If you cast it on a large city it will be more exensive
If you cast on a city that has many troops inside, its harder
Its best to cast on a city that has only warehouses inside, nothing else.
You do not need 40k runemasters that is for sure.
Do not cast from city to city either, send 10k above city and cast from there
You will be able to do it with no problems

03:33:56 Jun 2nd 16 - Mr. Yuan Shu:

See, maybe it that was back when dwarf actually had the bonuses (or thought they still did), that was a couple years ago though lol

21:27:44 Jun 27th 16 - Arkantos (Lord Ajax):

Dwarfs still have their magic resistance. 

15:51:26 Jul 13th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Teacher):

^ I'd like zeta to comment, I do not believe this is true anymore

16:18:24 Jul 13th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Dwarves do have more magic resistance compared to other races.

Note that the magic unit have a lot more magic resistance then the rest of the units besides Archmages that gives as much magic protection as Spellweavers.

16:20:26 Jul 13th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

thank you very much

16:41:31 Jul 13th 16 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Elf):

I think dwarves should not be hindered for casting spells. I tested this last era on Fant, its a ridiculous disadvantage, 

Give them the natural resistances like they have now and keep no fast unit. but for gawd sakes Zeta let them cast spells!

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