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Freezing a city
23:35:09 Jan 4th 15 - Mr. Sesugh Yisrahel The Balanced:

If i freeze a city does it stop troop production or just construction or neither or what?

00:09:33 Jan 5th 15 - Mr. Ignis The Greedy:

Both but u can just still train more if u restart the traiming proccess

00:16:30 Jan 5th 15 - Mr. Sesugh Yisrahel The Balanced:

So i would have to keep freezing it ?

01:33:44 Jan 5th 15 - Sir Shining Moon:


Ex: i trained 5k zerks, you cast freeze, that 5k zerks stop production. But if i train another 5k zerks, that 5k zerks i just placed in, will start the training process. So you will have to keep freezing that city to prevent all training production.

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