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Functional armory resources
11:35:25 May 17th 15 - Mr. Force II:

Is it possible to have a functional armory if you also have resource buildings in the city? As I understand once peasants get trained you are missing loads of workers for the resource buildings so production goes down, so training is slower. If you build very large number of homes peasants would be unemployed and you don't get tax but they eat all your food, so might be not worth it? Thoughts?

21:27:52 May 17th 15 - Mr. Pimp:

Assign slaves to the city, they keep income up.

05:12:58 May 18th 15 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Zugzwang):

It is possible to have a functional armoury if you have sufficient peasants to keep the productivity of the resource buildings in your armoury city at 100%. 

If excess peasants is an issue once your army is trained and that armoury becomes redundant just keep moving them into a scout. Or destroy the excess homes. Or convert that city into a hybrid armoury / resource city.

Or as Bling says, if you can luck out on enough slaves, they can be used to keep the resource buildings at full productivity as well.

07:40:00 May 18th 15 - Mr. Force II:

What does that mean, just add slaves to city, and thats all?

08:48:42 May 18th 15 - Lady Iceworks Return:

yes.. if you have slave that you have captured from war...... then you can just add them into the city... 

08:55:39 May 18th 15 - Mr. Force II:

I know when you take a city from enemy that has no homes, if enemy wrecked it, you add slaves and you will get the resources from resource buildings the city has, but are you saying with slaves thr production will always be 100% always? Cause that wasn't the case for me

09:14:29 May 18th 15 - Mr. Bling:

if the city gets attacked and productivity is zero when you take over, you will have zero productivity. it all depends on your attack. i prefer b&d because .. well i love having peeps cursing when their 90k'er they spent two weeks farming for goes kaboom

12:15:12 May 18th 15 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Zugzwang):

One slave replaces one peasant when it comes to production. Each resource producing building in your city requires 5 peasants or 5 slaves to maintain full production. So you need to calculate the total number of resource producing buildings in your city and multiply the number by 5 to determine the amount of slaves you will need for full production (if production has fallen below 100%, it will climb by 1% an hour to 100%... assuming of course, you have the necessary complement of slaves).

Slaves do not give income tax like peasants do.

15:42:24 May 18th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

What the hell is armories for anyway?

16:00:13 May 18th 15 - Mr. Aisha III:

To decrease training times for your soldiers.

20:07:16 May 18th 15 - Lady Iceworks Return:

and do not build more than 7.5k armories...

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