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Halfling adventurer question
04:57:11 Apr 4th 15 - Mr. Fezz:

Dear VU community,

I am trying halfling for the first time, I am on talent and have trained up adventurers, 

I am the only halfling out there and have had an advent army for close to a week and not getting anything. 

What am I doing wrong? 

Does moving the army have more of an advantage than a stationary one. 

I have searched a lot on the forums but there is a lot of mixed info related to this. 

If my army has 0 exp and been around for 5 days, then I add more to it, will that have a negative impact (I know if I had exp it will)

So here are the questions I wuld like answered:

- is there an advantage of moving the army vs keeping it camping?

- is there harm in adding more to it as long as it is still at 0 exp.?

- once my army starts finding exp, should i simply start a new army of adventurers?

Thank you in advance

05:02:45 Apr 4th 15 - Mr. Galaxar:

1. there is no advantage to moving it around unless your using it to attack with; also in order to find anything you have to have it at least camp outside a city, it won't do any finding in a city

2. there is no harm since it has 0 exp

3. adventurers need at least 3 exp to find anything to begin with so theres that and the answer is no unless the first army is around 200k adventurers with at least 100 exp, well in my opinion

if any of this is wrong, please correct me

06:33:13 Apr 4th 15 - Sir Half Moon:

This link will provide useful tips about Halflings

17:48:31 Apr 4th 15 - Random (Mr. Nonono):

- No as long as it is outside of a city. Adventurers find nothing inside a city.

- No harm whatsoever. However; you do not want to add anymore troops once your army gains exp. 
The best way to do this is to build a sizeable army and fight enemies with it. Once you've taken some losses and gained exp through battle, shift all troops bar your adventurers (and maybe some of you MU for protection) then walk it to a safe corner of the map to find treasures.
The key is maintaining your exp on your adventurer stack. Every time you merge or transfer troops INTO your army you lose exp, thus reducing your chances are finding treasure.

-Basic answer is yes. If your army has taken significant hits from battle and is quickly becoming out dated it's usually best to transfer all non-advent troops out and start a new one. 
Ultimately in the end it depends what you're looking for. If you want lots of gold finds, and you'd be maintaining some exp by transferring in more advents to keep your army relevant compared to other armies, then you can keep your army and hope for a big gold find.
If you're going predominantly for science finds, you should be creating new armies every time your current army gets a decent enough amount of exp.

18:34:35 Apr 4th 15 - Mr. Fezz:

The problem is there is only one other new guy on talent, so would rather not have to attack him,

This is going to take much longer then cause my advent would have to figure out how to get exp on their own without being able to attack anyone
... Oh well. 

Thank you guys for the help

19:17:54 Apr 4th 15 - Bran (Mr. Hoof Hearted):

get someone to cast a dragon onto an enemy scout, and then instantly kill it with your advents. this gives sometimes a few xp with minimal losses

20:36:10 Apr 4th 15 - Kevin (Mr. Iamevilstoplaughing):

Your advent army needs around 5 exp minimum, might be less, before they find anything. As far as gold goes, they find 1000 each for every gold find.  Example, 10k advents will find 10 million gold per find.

As far as I'm aware, they will not find exp until they have the minimum exp to find anything. The frequency of finding things is based on the number of people adventuring, more people means less finds. If they have no exp don't worry about adding things, only change is army size.

21:07:46 Apr 4th 15 - Mr. Fezz:

But will they get exp, just camping?

00:48:41 Apr 5th 15 - Kevin (Kushlord Gonzo):

Once they have enough exp to adventure with, I believe the answer is yes.

00:59:41 Apr 5th 15 - Mr. Fezz:

lol not sure it made sense

So if I have 0 exp, army is camping, will it find exp enough to starting getting other stuff?

01:04:24 Apr 5th 15 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jackdaniels The Good Guy):

nope gotta have exp to find

01:05:59 Apr 5th 15 - Mr. Kane:

no, it has to have around 3-5 exp in the first place to do any finding and that includes finding exp

so that means you need to do some fighting to gain exp before your adventurers will start finding things since it takes at least 3 exp to start finding anyways

a 0 exp adventurer army camping will find NOTHING since it has 0 exp until it gets exp from fighting; once you have around 3-5 exp, than you can camp it and overtime it will start finding

02:26:32 Apr 5th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyersinaleaguewithsatan):

I find it helps to move em around, idk if it's true but seems like it does from my experience.

12:20:19 Apr 6th 15 - Mr. Thackery:

throw some stuff at me man idont care, but don't get me wrong I will try and defend it

15:20:08 Apr 6th 15 - Mr. Fezz:

Lol. I know you would. 

Well. I wanted to have fun with advents and get to enjoy reading my log everyday 

21:49:11 Apr 8th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

I found a halfling adventure in my bathroom

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