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Issue with magic power range
20:07:00 Jun 5th 15 - Ms. Lillith:

I am trying to teach some new magic users about the proper use of magic towers, range and magic power, but I am having some issues, that pretty much make me question the basics of what I know of magic.

I usually say that having 20k Mage towers is enough, you get maximum range with that, and now we are having an issue, its like this:


Mage 1 city _____ Mage 2 city _______________________ Target city

So we have two mages, the stats are:
Mage 1 has magic level 9, 40k Magic towers and 100k Illusionists
Mage 2 has magic level 7, 20k Magic towers and 110k Illusionits

Casting on the targer city, as example we crush walls
Mage 1 has 93% and has no problems with it
Mage 2 that is closer to the target city (and has more mages in city), has not enough magic power to cast

What does that mean? Higher magic level gives you more range?
I should have asked the second mage to build 20k more MTs just to see if it would give more range. Has anyone tested this, having 20k MTs and 40k MTs, is the magic range the same?

20:24:05 Jun 5th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Swordsmen):

20k mts and 40k mts doesn't have the same range. You get a diminishing return in the linear range with towers.

 Also elf get higher range for the same amount of mts.

20:37:28 Jun 5th 15 - Ms. Lillith:

So saying 20k Mage Towers is enough and you never need more is wrong? But then again when you cast using 40k MTs the loses are much higher (with every cast, biger amount of towers gets destroyed, right?), but if you get higher range, is it worth it?

20:53:42 Jun 5th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Swordsmen):

usually not worth it. That's why tower placement is important for maximum efficiency. Anything that need more than 20k towers to reach should consider a relocation of the tower if the situation permits it.

21:03:10 Jun 5th 15 - TheBornLoser (Sir The Dung Beetle):

One point to consider is that the more towers you have, the more magic power you get when you cast your spells.

Flip side of the coin, the more towers you have, the more you lose as a percentage of the cost of the spell.

Same applies to MUs (but more MUs cannot increase range, only magic power).

21:20:47 Jun 5th 15 - Bran (Mr. Sly Sloth):

binh did you actually test that elfs have more range per tower? ive never heard that one

21:25:24 Jun 5th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh Loo Around):

No, I didn't. It came directly from Zeta who updated the Race faq.

21:29:57 Jun 5th 15 - Bran (Mr. Sly Sloth):

you mean it came straight from Derrick. not a good source he lies all the time!

21:30:52 Jun 5th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh Loo Around):

no, zeta edited his post.

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