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Liberate never revolt
13:25:07 Apr 22nd 15 - Mr. Pegaz:

When you liberate a city to yourself, and not take over again, is then no chance it would revolt? Even if morale is not 100%? It will never revolt if you liberate?

15:30:08 Apr 22nd 15 - Binh (Mr. Meep Meep Meep):

correct, because it's your city in the first place.

23:42:16 May 8th 15 - Mr. Barny:

Revolt only happens after capture when angry peasants are powerful enough to return a city to it's previous ruler.

15:28:51 Jul 1st 15 - Sir Saladin The Wise:

If I take a city and all peasants escape, my army moves on, new peasants come next tick but morale is not 100%. Can the city then revolt? I mean those are not peasants from previous owner, all of them escaped. Can it still revolt?

15:46:06 Jul 1st 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Swordmaster):

no it can't revolt

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