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Medicine Level 11
10:27:38 Feb 10th 16 - MUSE (Sir Middle Mage):

Each medicine level allows for recupperation of 10% of wounded troups, right?

I was wondering if having medicine level 11 would make it possible to recover more troops than the amount of injured troops you have... Any thoughts?

12:27:25 Feb 10th 16 - Polydeuces (Lord Valkyros XXXIX):

Is it possible for you to even attain level 11 medicine?

14:05:18 Feb 10th 16 - Arkantos (Mr. Vivi):

only one way to find out

15:41:07 Feb 11th 16 - Lord Water Bender:

I don't think that each medicine level increases your surviving injured by exactly 10% . 

Some injured troops recover without medicine science, so there is already like 40-50% recovery rates at med 0.

Medicine also makes city pez population grow faster and has morale benefits.

22:03:35 Feb 11th 16 - Arkantos (Mr. Arkantos The Ardvark):

10% doesn't mean 10% of "100". It means 10% of a variable(not set) number.

Each science level will give additional 10% bonus.

This means assuming everyone starts with a 40% healing rate. that medicine science 1 will grant you a 6% increase on your already 40% making it 46%. 
(10% of 60) 60 being the percentage of troops still lost.
achieving medicine science 2 will grant you a 5.4% increase on your already 46% making it 51.4%
(10% of 54) 54 being the percentage of troops still lost.

With this theory medicine 11 would give you a healing rate of 76.8%

some of the numbers may be incorrect but this is my explanation.

06:15:31 Sep 5th 17 - Endless (Mahatma Gandhi):

Not all injuries heal, it depends on your med sci and amount of spell weavers in the army.

Adding more spell weavers would increase the healed. Investing in a higher med sci would decrease died.

that was what Zeta had to say, probably should ask Binh what the forumula is

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