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Question Land drop
11:51:22 Aug 31st 16 - Mr. Bartez:

Hey guys. I've read a few things regarding land drop and things but I just can't figure it out or how to go about it effectively.

If one lovely person would like to basic explain it and now to go about it would be great

14:42:22 Aug 31st 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. The I):

Its about minimizing cost for building. The more buildings you have, the more resources each additional buildings cost to make. So its beneficial to buy buildings in big bunches, when prices are lower.

You can only be actively building (inclusive of queued buildings) 2x the number you currently have built. 

Combining those two requirements consider the following example of a land drop:

1) settle colony capable of expanding to 90k.
2) build to 30,000 building
3) save enough resources to build 60,000
4) "Land drop" 60k buildings
5) ????
6) Profit

14:54:43 Aug 31st 16 - Mr. Vilhelm:

okay so once youve set your initial cities up.
find a nice open area for a 90K city and land drop that.
im assuming for Human you would build to 75K then save resources.

Awesome thank you.

15:33:09 Aug 31st 16 - HorusPanic (Sir Panique):

for human its actually build to 66,667

of course, don't fall into a one track mind - the goings-on of players around you will affect your strat

01:20:12 Sep 1st 16 - Mr. Vilhelm:

Okay great. Thanks heaps mate

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