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Question About Merged XP
20:42:05 Mar 21st 16 - Polydeuces (Mr. Siberius Phenom):

So, what happens when the lead of a merge has xp and other armies in the merge have xp as well.

for example;

Merge has say 2 armies for ease of use, the lead has 5 xp, for arguments sake, say each xp was giving 2% power, so 10% to make it easy.  Another army in the merge has 10xp with for arguments sake, 2% per xp as well, so 20% extra power... Will the 10% from the lead merge bump the 20% of the other army up to 20.02%?  would it stack? So, the army is 1000 OP, has 20% extra from it's 10xp, so it's 1200, plus the 10% from the lead, bringing it to 1320?  Or does the xp in the armies other than the lead not even take effect?

21:37:21 Mar 21st 16 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):

I would assume like Military science its defined by the leader of the merge only. Meaning put the highest exp army as leader the players sciences are even.

11:35:24 Mar 22nd 16 - Mr. Ivanho:

You mean if i'm merging with someone who has 20% of army and i have 80% of army in merge, but even if my military science is higher then him it won't count? I thought it counts the average!

13:57:46 Mar 22nd 16 - Polydeuces (Mr. Siberius Phenom):

Ivanho, no only leader of the merges military counts.

16:35:50 Mar 22nd 16 - Mr. Ivanho:

Thanks Siberius.

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