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12:35:16 Feb 25th 15 - Mr. Lizard:

If I put peasants in army and move it around the map, every tick some of them die a mysterious death. How do I stop this?

What happens if I ran out of food and gold and my income is in negative? What happens to my cities and armies?

Do closed walls on a city block if the player is in protection?

13:08:23 Feb 25th 15 - Dyrness (Sir Dyrness):

There is no way to stop peasants from leaving your army.

If you run out of gold, you will get a bunch of warning messages in the news saying that you don't have enough gold to provide for your armies.  Over time you might lose soldiers like how you lose peasants in the army.  Running out of food causes just about the same thing, except you lose peasants before soldiers.  I'm pretty sure morale drops in both scenarios.  Simply, just don't let it happen.

Closed walls don't block during protection.

13:26:13 Feb 25th 15 - Princess Aisha:

When you don't have gold some of your buildings get destroyed I think, as you can't pay to maintain. As far as armies go, I am pretty sure your army first need to get to morale 0 before they leave the army?? And that takes several rl days I think?

Someone confirm please :-)

13:49:13 Feb 25th 15 - Legend (I am The Forgotten Halfling):

"What happens if I ran out of food and gold and my income is in negative? What happens to my cities and armies?"

When out of food the pez growth in your city will stop and you will lose pez in it. Not a high % but still some each tick.
And about the army I think what Aisha said is right.

15:35:48 Feb 26th 15 - Woodeh (Mr. Twohundredker):

If you can't pay your troops you loose 1% morale a tick, then loose a percent when at 0 morale.

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