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Random event advent finds
10:00:11 May 5th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

I took a city and my people celebrated all across the lands? Why did they do that?

If one Advents army has lots of exp, finds a lot of stuff, but on the map there happen to be 2-3 other Advents armies but with lower exp, would all armies get events or only one with highest exp?

05:12:28 May 6th 15 - Rora (Heavenly Crystal The Inactive):

To my understanding the one with the most exp will find the majority treasure/sciences/exp while the other 2 pick up the scraps left behind.

 So if you have the exp required to adventure, you will be able to find stuff but it will be slow compared to the person that's got more exp.


As for the celebrating, you took a city from a ruler that owned more land than yourself, so your people celebrated.

15:26:56 May 6th 15 - Ms. Pillsbury Doughboy:

A. Its a bit of patriotism, look at the morale in your armies and cities next time it happens.

b. There is an unknown forumla to finding things. But the 2 largest factors are amount of Advents and amount of Exp. Yes the army with more exp will most likely find more stuff but the army with more advents is more likely to find more Military and Magic sciences. I've also found that too much exp limits find however. Not to sure if that's just a weird coincidence or what.  If youre just searching for your farming/mining/forestry sciences 30-40k advents with about 16 exp works the best. However the most ideal thing is have as many advents as possible but stay around 10-12 exp.  That way gold finds are better and youre more likely going to find military and magic sciences.

10:35:09 May 8th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

Does having low morale of the army with exp make any difference in finding sciences or gold finds? 

10:40:23 May 8th 15 - Ms. Pillsbury Doughboy:

Not that I'm aware of, there has been times when Ive had an advent army of 500k+ with like 18 expand 50-80%morale still finding as much as normal. Although I can't say Ive really tested it.

22:42:12 May 8th 15 - Mr. Barny:

1. Your peasants celebrate victories when you defeat a player that has more land than you. It's another land-based mechanic like peasant retreat, it's supposed to give lower land players a fighting chance against higher land players but city morale doesn't really matter that much.

2. Adventurer science finds are pretty interesting and unexplored. Nobody is 100% sure on the formulas but tl;dr is that in your above example (in which you have the largest adventurer stack and there are 2-3 smaller ones) you will find the majority of treasure by a small margin. The content of your treasure finds are based on a number of factors (primarily EXP, Adventurer count, and then what other people have).

It's well accepted that the player with the largest number of EXP'd Adventurers will find more Military Sciences in their treasure finds, for instance. Magic and Gold finds also seem to be based on what you have (advent # and EXP) relative to other Halflings on the world.

I haven't actually tested this myself as much as I'd like to, but I've asked a number of players for news logs, sciences, etc and I'm reasonably sure that if you are on an empty world or a world in which you are the only Halfling the overwhelming majority of your treasure finds are going to be Farming, Mining, and Forestry finds.

I am reasonably sure that morale doesn't factor into treasure finds.

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