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Science Costs
19:59:21 Feb 13th 17 - Ms. Freya:

Is there a specific formula for them?  So I know how much a given sci will cost, based on how many sci lvls I have?

Ex:. If I have magic 7 and mil 2, how much would mining 1-5 cost me? Or if I have magic 9, how much would mil 1-6 cost?

23:11:09 Feb 13th 17 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Joyful Loo Turtle):

Not sure if someone has worked out the exact formula, I use a simple version as follows.

From base values, cost of a science raises by ~35% when a different science is bought.
The cost of the science that is bought raises by ~205%. 

For example: Cost increase of Farming science when mining and military sciences are bought.

mining 8 = 10588500;
mining 9 = 32109000;

military 0 = 24000;
military 1 = 73500;
military 2 = 226500;
military 3 = 688500;

Farming 0 = 6000;
Farming 0 = 8000;
Farming 0 = 11000;
Farming 0 = 15500;

23:18:33 Feb 13th 17 - Mr. Quaxocal:

That's about what I've figured too.  I wanted to be sure I was correct.

I assume the 35%ish is lower for a human?

23:34:03 Feb 13th 17 - Binh (Mr. Skinflayer):

correct. Human can rainbow sciences rather easily.

00:21:09 Feb 14th 17 - Ms. Freya:

OK so I upgraded to 8 magic.

All my costs went up 50% exactly for the others??

00:24:40 Feb 14th 17 - SFD (Duke Hybrid Sfd):

you are elf, elf science is terrible after magic,
takes a while to get to lev9 mag then you need to go mili med and mine, or mine, mili  then med depending on you situation 

04:26:42 Feb 14th 17 - Ms. Freya:

What about mil, mine, then med?

05:29:18 Feb 14th 17 - Mr. Commi Targaryen:

Better to go tree and farming as an elf after magic. No mil needed.

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