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Sell your stone to enemy
09:24:36 Jul 29th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

If you are in this situation:
You are fighting a very active enemy, you have too much stone, do not know what to do with it. If you sell it, you notice enemy bought it all, for casting stone to gold obviously.  But your stone got sold, so you can train large armies.
Better than to have your stone in inventory...
Or maybe better to not give chance for enemy to raise even larger army?

Should you ever sell stone if you notice your enemy is buying it?

09:41:51 Jul 29th 15 - Mr. Sleepy:

Sell!Will make him fat and sleepy.

10:18:43 Jul 29th 15 - Mr. Osi Twat:

screw both of you and native it

14:15:41 Jul 29th 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

Just sell them to me:)^-^

14:21:37 Jul 29th 15 - Woody (Mr. Woodrh):

Stg yourself?

14:59:11 Jul 29th 15 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Swordmaster):

sell at high price so he wouldn't profit much from the stone buying. And if he doesn't buy it, native it later.

15:46:32 Jul 29th 15 - Sir Scimitar:

Well I see on market price is at 0.95 that stays there, so above that he does not buy. Then I put price at 0.94 and it all gets sold. Its a good price I think, might be too low? Thoughts?

00:04:20 Jul 30th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyers):

.94 is a good price 

01:09:02 Jul 30th 15 - Stephen Ben (Mr. Aligritzl):

100 mil stone you get 94mil gold. He makes 6mil, minus costs (MU, Towers, pez)

So in isolation, you are gaining much more than he can add to his army.

Although if you native it you get 48-52mil and he gets nothing. You get about half the amount to put in troops but mathematically it is inifinitely better to do this, BLING WINS!

02:20:28 Jul 30th 15 - Mr. Hollywood:

Bling always wins :)

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