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Size of Maps
10:54:27 Jun 1st 15 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):

What are the size of the maps in pixel dimensions?

I think I may want to consider making a unique map, with a proposal for a new game type if Zeta would be interested.

I would design the map for him.
Even if he doesnt like the idea of the game type then I would still design a unique map for the purpose of making one. I would make it to the max world size so that it wouldn't have to be tiled either.


What I really need is the pixel dimension though.
Also, Image formatting needed would also be a good question.

11:37:24 Jun 1st 15 - Mr. Golliwog The Black:

5000^2 I believe. Look at the worlds tab.

23:39:00 Jun 1st 15 - VU Admin:

The image is actually 2500x2500 and repeated. The game depends on this. But for the rest you can be creative. I've written a guide here:

06:59:14 Jun 2nd 15 - Revolution (Lord Uther Pendragon):

So the map itself cannot be a non-repeating one?

10:20:09 Jun 2nd 15 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

That would require a complete re-haul of the entire game.

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