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Soldier Transfer Issue
06:14:44 Nov 28th 14 - Mr. Bates:

Hey guys, just wondering, why I am able to transfer troops from a city into an army, though whenever i move an army to a different city that i own, i am unable to transfer into the city from the army.

any reasons why?

08:38:49 Nov 28th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

Do you have Adblock?

If so turn it off on this site :P

Else it's cause maybe the city doesn't like you or you soldiers misbehaved and you should hang them :)

12:19:02 Nov 30th 14 - Mr. Bates:

Thanks mate problem solved, apparently the transfer in is a bit touchy and troops need to be in the right spot,

maybe i should hang them anyway,

care to answer another question i have?

12:19:32 Nov 30th 14 - Penguin (Clown Nuclear Penguin):


14:08:42 Nov 30th 14 - Ms. Jasmina:

Sure, ask away the community will help

14:19:36 Nov 30th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

Ask as many questions as you want :) 

It's the question section for a reason.

Besides did you transfer from a mobile than it's correct it's a bit touchy ( or maybe touchscreen same problem ) but from a normal monitor with ur mouse it should just work propper :P Thought you were playing it from a normal monitor.

Anyways so what's ur other question ?

02:56:33 Dec 11th 14 - Mr. Bates:

Sorry for the delay, i am playing from a phone so probably why it's touchy,

My other question is after you wreckage all buildings in a city, does it go away?

03:14:58 Dec 11th 14 - Sir Isaac:

Yes once the wracking is complete

04:08:31 Dec 11th 14 - Mr. Bates:

Haha Thanks Isaac, sorry about leaving you no cities

01:50:23 Dec 12th 14 - Sir Isaac:

No thank you. 

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