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Speed up Training in Prod City
12:23:27 Jan 6th 17 - Mr. Lala:

How do you speed up training times in a production city which has armories there already?

For example, I took over someone's production city and it had 7500 armories in it. But when I trained there, all troops would show up as taking the maximum time .. and they'd come all together at the last tick. Like if I trained 26k Slingers, they'd all come out of training at the 26th tick (or however long they take to train). 

Any way to make it gradual where you got troops coming out of training every tick? Like any normal armory?

12:49:59 Jan 6th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

If the production rate in any city is less than 100 pc then all new units go to the back of the que.

You will train units faster in a full city, full production, no armories, than you would full armories, partial production.

Import peasants, slaves, a combination, or demolish production buildings to remedy. 

14:24:28 Jan 6th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax From Zet):

You need to have 1 productionbuilding to raise the %. If there isn't any active productionbuildings, the % will not change.

Only 1 building is needed but if you put just 1 building in the queqe, it will take a h.ll lot of time before that is made.

Therefore it's often best to make a greater number of one type only - how many depends on how many buildings you already have in total and how fast you want to start to raise the production% in that village.

When the 1st building is made, then you can start deleting surplus productionbuildings. Just remember: You need to keep ONE until you reach 100%.

04:36:27 Jan 7th 17 - Mr. Drug Addict:

Yeah I guess I'll just get rid of the production units next time to speed it up.

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