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Spells on Scout
18:25:29 Feb 13th 17 - Ms. Freya:

I've been given contradictory info regarding this.

What spells can I:

1) cast on a scout, then merge into it

2) cast on a scout, then xfer troops from city into it

3) can only direct cast on an army for them to work

From my own playing, MP is #1, and MW is #3.  Am I correct?

20:23:56 Feb 13th 17 - Binh (Mr. Skinflayer):

#2 work for all spells. mw used to be #1. but that got fixed recently.

21:45:42 Feb 13th 17 - Ms. Freya:

I tried #2 with MW with my large AM army on Mantrax, and it obviously didn't work.  Unless I did it incorrectly? (Possible, I'm still learning)

I might have merged something too, I forget. :/

But if you say #2 works, then it must be my error.

21:47:56 Feb 13th 17 - Binh (Mr. Binh):

Whenever you merge armies together, all beneficial spells on it get canceled.

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