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Strange News Screen
19:19:44 Feb 20th 17 - Ms. Jasmina:

Look what happens when I log on
The news page...

Valhalla 46
- (Duke Chade The Drunk Meerkat)

Fantasia 46
-Stewie Griffin (Prince Stewie Griffin)

Odyssey wants you... =D and#9829;
-Ms. Bubbles

Dragon Error
- (Mr. Haters)

Valhalla 42
- (Mr. Bigfield The Ceo)

Mantrax 49
- (Mr. Drug Addict)

Check out the third link: Odyssey wants you =D... 
Ms Bubbles is actually the first person I met in this game
The person that taught me how to play over 10 years ago when I started
Odyssey is the name of the kingdom we created back then

But now when I click the link:

Any idea what is this? 

19:20:38 Feb 20th 17 - Kasakasz (Mr. Kasakasz The Kasakasz):

its problem with this part of the topic name;p

19:20:39 Feb 20th 17 - Ms. Freya:

The link works in the forum tho.

19:21:09 Feb 20th 17 - Ms. Jasmina:

In which forum does it work? 

Where do you open it?

19:32:42 Feb 20th 17 - Mr. Varian Wrynn:

you can enter to the thread manually, from Game Politics. 

19:37:41 Feb 20th 17 - Ms. Freya:

That's what I meant, sorry.  In the forum where that thread is, it works.

00:21:49 Feb 22nd 17 - Haldimir (Mr. Haldimir IV):

its a sign jasmina to recreate odyssey.

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