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Val and Mant JOINT ERA
20:13:43 Sep 17th 18 - Night Talon Lord Ivanho (Mr. War Troll of Underdogs):

Guys we all know, Now Competitions is Never like the Old times, Era's getting boring, less activity, less fun, no one Playing like Real n...

So why not get all things back for Next Era at Val/ Mant Map? All 4 active KD's from Mant & All 4 Active KD's from Val in "ONE MAP!!!" Lets have an EPIC WAR with NO Realtions! Lets see who is the Real Player & KD?? 

Are you ready for this??? What u think? Lets bring it on... 

***As it seems HoH already showing that FW won at Mant n as it seems WF won at Val. So we can arrenge in Next Era by stop playing at either Mant/ Val for next Era. Call "ZeTa" for Arranging this if needed.

***Mostly all 8 KDs has about 10 active members so it'll be fun.

***This suggestion is only for 1 Era Per a Year or so, not for Every Era.

20:48:06 Sep 17th 18 - The Real Josh (Prince Ajani Whitemane):

Have you considered that most the player's val/mant have a character on both?

21:06:22 Sep 17th 18 - Duke Chade Again:

gotta agree with Josh here, Ivan :))

however, if you create an extra world (like GvE was) ... why not

21:10:35 Sep 17th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Qanic):

yeah, i'm in for whatever

i'll also just be playing val and mant again too

00:26:54 Sep 18th 18 - Venomz (High Warlord Venz):

FW actually already plays with just 4 members. How are kingdoms going to win without relations if they can't even win 2 v 1 with 3 times the members?

Not bragging, just don't want it to be a no contest. 

Bane can probably go solo as he's the best VU player in history and achieved a lot of victories and kills etc etc.

Maybe KoH can come to Mantrax for a fair fight? 

00:56:25 Sep 18th 18 - Teirdel (Saint Talveron):

I would still like to go back to one world, one account. I felt far more invested back then.

01:09:50 Sep 18th 18 - Mr. Bane:

I have played solo, many times.

10:16:02 Sep 18th 18 - Night Talon Lord Ivanho (Mr. War Troll of Underdogs):

I'm not talking about 1 kd comes in Mant n play; i'm talking about all in 1 Map. If a kd has 3-4 members only that kd can be allied with another small kd or so...

For those who has Character in both Maps, he'll have to choose 1 KD n leave the other 1, pretty simple.

It'll be either all in 1 Map or No Joint Era at all. 

No need to look back at History of VU, you can make ur own History, how 'bout that?

20:57:44 Sep 20th 18 - Teirdel (Saint Talveron):

I personally would be a fan of connected worlds again.

21:40:49 Sep 20th 18 - The Real Josh (Prince Ajani Whitemane):

Ooh mighty overlid of mantrax we summin thee to heed your wisdom,

RISE ELSIN, RISE!!!!!!!!!!

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