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What are slaves for
22:24:36 Jan 3rd 15 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

No more great walls, so what do slaves do now? I see something about speeding up buildings.... any exact numbers on that?

22:32:02 Jan 3rd 15 - Elite (Mr. Elite II):

Slaves speed up construction to a max of 50%, for this you need 10 slaves for every building.

22:46:08 Jan 3rd 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

you can also release slaves into your city and a random % will become peasants

also slaves can live in a city and do not require homes. they will work in production as efficiently as a peasant but won't pay taxes

23:19:53 Jan 3rd 15 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

what is the most efficient use?

23:33:35 Jan 3rd 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

Usually building is the probably best use (really to mid eras),  but if you have low production % colonies they are great just sitting in cities too. ... think of a colony you just took over and all the peasants left.   I used them this Era on nirvana to convert to peasants for troops too. All the uses are valuable, but covering to peasants is a crap shoot. The best strategy there is to do multiple smaller releases to average out the conversion. Released slaves also give a small increase to morale in the city. 

03:19:55 Jan 4th 15 - Mr. Barney:

14:19:53 Jan 3rd 15 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

what is the most efficient use?

Basically what Horus said. Their most valuable use is to speed up building (it does not consume the peasant) and working in cities at the stage in the era/land count at which the tax gold a peasant pays is worth less then the food they consume (happens much more quickly with Halfling/Orc if you do not have infinite food)

06:18:23 Jan 4th 15 - Alrisaia (Lady Alrisaia The Prism):

Mages go through magic towers rather aggressively and need to rebuild them fast. I try to use slaves to do so.

Additionally, I'll use slaves in cities that get wrecked if the enemy only wrecks the homes, slaves don't occupy houses and will still work the mines workout homes.

04:48:20 Jan 7th 15 - Mr. Barney:

Another thing to note about slaves is that the way in which they are acquired (attacks upon cities) is based on relative land (you don't capture slaves if you have far more land than the person you are attacking), and slaves are such a precious resource to so many people ranging from farmers, mages, people who need peasants to train troops, etc that the 'Actual Value' of Slaves is far greater than their 'Native Value' or 'Market Value'.

16:32:01 Jan 22nd 15 - Mr. Soccersevil:

brney, how do you sell to native people again?

16:41:18 Jan 22nd 15 - Mr. Double Agent:

sell 1 resource for something slightly higher than the max

I sold 1 tree for 5 on GvE

Your total price can not be over 25 of the average market price (max 3.218333333375 gold for 1 tree)!

You get that message, take the 3.218 number and divide by 2.5
giving you 1.28. This number is the current native price. If it doesn't get bought first go sell 1 for 1 until it does. Note the max native price for each resource is

Food 1.1
Stone 0.6
Tree 1.34
Slaves (I could be wrong here) 50

10:08:10 Jan 23rd 15 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean):

When I have a TON of slaves and I'm not building anything, it is sometimes helpful to free slaves so I can train lots of lower level troops to spam and overwhelm someone.

13:34:37 Jan 23rd 15 - Mr. Ignis Shurkul:

Sell them and spam gaias :)

11:19:52 Jan 24th 15 - Mr. Barny:

Release them into peasants to train ogres from tavern

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