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When you want to play an era
22:06:52 Nov 27th 14 - Mr. Abomination Reborn:

So for a new player, when I want to start a new era, equal opportunities, to see how good I can be, is there a way to figure out exactly when would be good time to start?

Sure, I can look at the "worlds" tab, but that does not give me much info

Name Open Arma. Size Map Settle
Players Alive XP
* StartaOpen
New player worlds (with 50% protection)

This means Fantasia has been open for 2 rl days, so already oop time, going there would mean death, as I started and I end up right in the middle of the map, so I just settled and wrecked my cities till I died. I would prefer a place in the corner but the game drops you in the center of the map.

Mantrax is open for 50 rl days already, is it gonna end soon? I know people decide when its gonna end, but is there a way to figure out how much do I have to wait? Anyone playing Mantrax, could you give me an update on when exactly could I expect new era there?

Zetamania 17 days is way too late to start, and way too early to consider end, or maybe its already settled there?

Nirvana, Arma, Valhalla, all have more than 20 rl days, but not sure if its settled already or not? Is there a system that allows people to check when we actually can start new era?

02:46:29 Nov 28th 14 - Mr. Fluff:

As someone who recently took a good look at all the worlds I can probably give you some help with this and tell you the situation on all the worlds if you would be interested in hearing it, but right now I have thanksgiving things and I won't bother to write anything if no one cares to read it.

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