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city not regenerating
13:13:46 Jul 15th 14 - Mr. Rabbut:

hey zeta, every time I capture a city, i always wreck it and start over. however, this one city iv had for ~48hrs and NO buildings are still able to be built... wtf

Choose city Empl. Prod. Morale Gates
0% 65% 90% No gates

This city has 0 peasants.

There is space for 0 more buildings and at this time we can build a maximum of 0 structures or 170 more walls.

It costs 1238 gold, 103 tree and 77 stone ( 2476 for walls) to build one building.

Each building can take up to a maximum of 22 days to build.

Houses 25 people.
Built: 0 Build:

In construction: 0
Homes filled: 100%

Each farm produces food.
Built: 0 Build:

In construction: 0

Each mine produces gold and stone.
Built: 0 Build:

In construction: 0

Each lumbermill produces around 5 tree per day.
Built: 0 Build:

In construction: 0

Magic Towers
Will defend your city from magic and make it much easier for your wizards to cast long range spells.
Built: 0 Build:

In construction: 0

Gives extra defence and increases line of sight.
Built: 0 Build:

In construction: 0

Increases the morale in your city and the armies stationed in the city.
Built: 0 Bui

20:54:24 Jul 15th 14 - Mr. Chief Executive Officer:

there is space for no more buildings because it was originally a dwarf or elf city, built into either mountains or forests. when a city is taken by a different race it no longer allows you to build more in that city.

why are you burning everything? then rebuilding? thats crazy why would you do such a thing? i think you have the wrong idea about something. there is no need to do that.

21:45:04 Jul 15th 14 - Rora (Empress Aurora):

Unless he's burning mines/farms/lumbermills to build Armouries and more homes. I do that sometimes.

23:50:44 Jul 15th 14 - Mr. Rabbut:

i generally save houses but nothing was regenerating so i destroyed it all. It finally started regenerating

02:19:48 Jul 16th 14 - Mr. Chief Executive Officer:

are you rebuilding the same type of buildings?
why spend money to destroy buildings if you are going to rebuild the same ones? doesnt make sense!?!?!?!?

just taking a stab here, are you tryin to stop cities from revolting?

04:14:11 Jul 16th 14 - Mr. Poopsack:

yes, that is why I do it, forces all of the stupid pesants to flee the city

04:14:26 Jul 16th 14 - Mr. Poopsack:

*that don't want to pay me their damn taxes

07:07:31 Jul 16th 14 - Valar (Mr. Val Arion):

Keep an army on top or train all the pessies into troops instead :P

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