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peasant growth
18:39:00 Mar 13th 18 - Bran (Mr. Gimli Gloinsson):

anyone knows, or has some rough idea, of what the formula for peasant growth is?

02:09:12 Mar 14th 18 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord The Argonaut):

No idea mate have a list of things that affect how fast pes come in though

09:11:56 Mar 14th 18 - Endless (Ms. Endless The Effervescent):

binh likely knows exact diminish return numbers

09:16:50 Mar 14th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

its right here

10:05:12 Mar 14th 18 - Venomz (High Warlord Venz):

I'm not 100% sure but from my experience growth is influenced by total homes, employment and production, amount of production buildings and current % of peasants in a city. The growth is highest in 90k+ production  cities when there are atleast 90%+ peasants in the city already

If you build a new city and only build homes, there will be barely any peasants coming in. If u build Guardtowers it's an easy way to keep productivity high and increase your growth. My personal preference is to build 50/50 homes and production buildings until you hit the amount of homes u need.

Also, medicine science should increase growth by 10% each level I believe.

10:20:57 Mar 14th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

0.01% of beds available, or 0.3% of homes

11:46:46 Mar 14th 18 - Bran (Mr. Gimli Gloinsson):

thank you jurgen for being infinatley more useful than bling is

11:53:11 Mar 14th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

The more beds you have available, namely 25 per house, the more the growth number. But the percentage stays constant, so as your city fills, growth slows. 0.01% of all available beds. Not sure how hard that is to grasp. Lots of beds=lots of pess, fewer beds=fewer pess.

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