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peasent issue
17:55:51 Jul 23rd 14 - Sir Isaac:

I currently can't move peasants out of a city. I'm getting a dialog saying they refuse to leave. Never new this was possible. 

18:22:00 Jul 23rd 14 - Mr. Chief Executive Officer:

when moral in city is low peasants wont leave.

23:11:42 Jul 23rd 14 - Sir Isaac:

I have 80% moral

23:27:19 Jul 23rd 14 - Sir Isaac:

I increased it to 91% and still refuse to leave. 

07:59:20 Jul 24th 14 - Mr. Schlong Dalong:

Morale isnt the only factor, how long ago you took it also plays in. As long as there is a risk they will revolt they will not move. Try again later!

00:00:13 Sep 18th 14 - Sir Isaac:

Took this city over more than 10 ticks ago and peasants won't leave city.

Eployment levels are on 100% and morale is at 80%

There are no active spells on the city.

01:06:25 Sep 18th 14 - Mr. Smiffy:

Possibly unrelated, but im having problem moving any units anywhere

04:48:13 Sep 18th 14 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

possibly related, i cannot move peasant INTO a city

06:55:49 Sep 18th 14 - Mr. Hart:

Same problems as Smiffy... it is working better now but still some issues. 

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