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sieging a city
20:58:27 Aug 21st 14 - Sir Isaac:

Whatevet happened to if a city is under seige you cut off supplies and reinforcements from entering a city and also defender having to pay double training cost for troops? 

21:36:26 Aug 21st 14 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

if I understand your question correctly, here is your answer:

- city under seige recieves no income from mines/lumbers/famrs
- peasants slowly leave cities under seige
- moral decreases each tick
- troop training is unaffected
- building rate is unaffected
- armies can enter a seiged city to help defend
- % chance of sieging is based on city defenses less the defense contributed by GTs

21:55:05 Aug 21st 14 - Mr. Chief Executive Officer:

Armies cannot path out of city under siege, but can merge out

23:07:11 Aug 21st 14 - Sir Isaac:

I was asking how come the old forum of surge was changed because it had little benefits only to cut off the production now. 

03:24:13 Aug 22nd 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

You also kil off some troops if they spammed gts or to seige kill

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